We all use mattress in our house. You use your mattress for a certain time and after that, throw it away in the garbage. Do you know that you can use it again by recycling? If not, this article is for you. Like many other things, we can recycle our mattresses to make another things or a new mattress from the old one.

Recycling is one of the methods of making use of unused things. There are many things in the house that we throw in the garbage once their use is complete including a cushions, furniture, old clothes, paper, etc. Recycling is a way to re-use all these things. Recycling a bed pad has many benefits. First one is that a recycled mattress is less costly than one made from fresh products. Second benefit of recycling is that it is Eco friendly. By recycling our old products, we make sure re-use of the products and so we are preserving the natural resources. Another benefit is the ease of process. Though you cannot recycle it at home, but you can certainly find a company that performs the task for you.

Let us take an example. We buy a new mattress or a mattress protector for our bed. A mattress pad is very important to make sure the proper safety of the mattress. We can use a mattress for a limited time as after that it becomes weak and does not give any comfort so we have to get rid of it. We usually throw our unused mattress away. That mattress is no longer of use for anyone. If we send our mattress to a recycling center, we can get a certain amount of money in return. There are many recycling agencies that particularly deal in mattress recycling. If you do not find one in your area, you should search the internet. There are many agencies that offer mattress recycling services. Most of them also give you with the option that you can get back the components of the mattress after recycling.

Mattress recycling agencies can recycle about 90% of the mattress components including mattress fiber, Polyurethane foam, and Steel box-springs. These all components are recyclable and after recycling, we can use them for different purpose. If they are in proper condition, we can even use them to make a new mattress. Mattress recycling is an environment friendly option and by this, you can help in environment protection.