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By law, everyone planning to sell real estate in Hawaii will have to obtain a real estate license in Hawaii. Every state has specific laws governing the issue and renewal of license for real estate to prospective salesperson. In order to get the real estate license in Hawaii, completing the prescribed study course and passing the examination is essential. This licensure process enables the person to attain and demonstrate skills and knowledge of basic real estate laws with a good understanding of his/her professional obligation to the clients.

6 Steps to Getting Your Real Estate License in Hawaii:

A real estate license in Maui is issued to all brokers or sales agents in order to authorize them to participate in the business if representing clients in real estate sales transactions. Real estate licenses are issued after the individual has completed his/her prescribed course and passed a state approved examination.

1. Determine your Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a real estate license in Maui, a person should be at least 18 years of age. He should be a U.S national, or U.S citizen, or can even be an outsider who have been authorized to work in the country. Social security number should be provided, and the person must have good reputation for honesty, competency, fair dealing, and financial integrity. The deadline for applying for a salesperson license in Maui is within two years from the date of passing the state-approved examination.

2. Salesperson Pre-Licensure course

Before appearing for the sales person licensure examination, candidates must choose a real estate school that is licensed by the Hawaii Real Estate Commission and finish a pre-licensure course. The pre-licensure course is a 60 hour program, which upon completion will be awarded a School Completion Certificate. Candidates who have already obtained certain professional credentials, which includes a real estate license from another state or a law degree can apply for an exemption to salesperson pre-licensure course, and if found eligible, a pre-license Education Equivalency Certificate will be issued to them. 

3.Salesperson Licensure Examination - Find a Date to Take the Examination

Upon completion of salesperson pre-licensure course successfully, the candidate should find a date to appear for the broker or salesperson license examination. The information can be available from the current Hawaii Real Estate Candidate handbook. To get admission to the examination, the candidate has to present his/her School Completion certificate obtained from Salesperson pre-licensure course. 

4. Schedule a Date for Taking the Examination

The next step in taking the Salesperson licensure examination is to schedule a date with the testing agency (PSI services, LLC). The candidate can contact them directly via phone or through the official website.

5. Write the Examination

The Salesperson Licensure course consist of 50 questions based on state (Hawaii) portions, and 80 questions based on general portions. The general portion of the examination can be exempted by the candidate if he/she has already passed that portion of the exam once already and has a current real estate license from another state. 

A score report will be presented to each candidate who have passed the examination, and also given instructions on how to apply for real estate salesperson license. 

6. Apply for the License

The application for the license should be submitted within 2 years from the date of passing the examination. While submitting the application, the candidate is required to make the payment and include all documentation materials along with it. If the application is not submitted with two years from the date of passing the examination, then the test scores will be declared invalid and the candidate should retake the exam in order to get his/her licensure. Additionally, to apply for a salesperson license, the candidate should be actively employed or associated with a licensed real estate broker.


Real estate agents help people find their homes and also help families to build memories. Real estate license requirements differ from one state to another. Understanding the basics on how to get real estate license from Hawaii will help candidates to get their license appropriately, so that they can help people who not only need shelter but also need a place to build their lives.