Children's cartoon and book characters Max and Ruby are a good theme for your toddler's birthday party. The adorable bunnies are nonviolent and the books and tv shows they star in teach good morals. Mind you there are some inconsistencies with the Ruby and Max story, but kids love the sibling pair and the adventures they go on each day.  

To create a little Max and Ruby party there are a few elements you can introduce.  Toys, cake, decorations and Max and Ruby themed plates are some of them.  You can also start the theme with cartoon invitations.

A fun party is a well planned party, so think through who you will invite, what you will serve, and how you plan to entertain the children.  Since the kids will likely be young and the parents will want to stick around, you also need to think about what the adults will do to socialize (though this is not a big deal because there will be prepping, serving, and cleanup to keep parents busy). 

Will the party be outdoors or indoors?  Will you host your party at your home or at an outside facility like a Chuck-e-Cheese, rec center, or water park?  Cleanup is easier outside the home (the facility might take care of it even) but there is usually a higher cost and more work to get everything and everyone to an outside venue. 

Banners and Balloons

For our party, we made a large banner from a plastic tablecloth and added a Happy Birthday sign and two halves of a Max and Ruby balloon that came in a birthday kit.  This made good use of the included balloon without needing to get it filled with helium.  

Max and Ruby Cake TopperCredit: Amazon ProductsMax and Ruby Cupcakes or Cake Topper 

We printed out Max and Ruby heads obtained via an image search, and trimmed them. Taped the cutouts to toothpicks and inserted them in the top of cupcakes frosted bunny white. This added to the theme of the party.  Another way to go is a Max and Ruby Cake Topper from Amazon like the one pictured.

You might also like to make white marshmallow rabbits and have a tea party like Ruby throws for her bunny scout friends.

Max and Ruby Video

Playing a Max and Ruby video in the background keeps the kids calm and allows the adults to socialize.  The videos are available online to buy and can be reused of course. It also contributes to the theme.  Maybe you can also have a little story time reading from one of the books in the series.

Max and Ruby Plates and Napkins and other Max and Ruby Party Supplies

Complete the effect with napkins and paper plates featuring the little bunnies your kids love.  There are other fun party supplies available too if your budget allows for them.  You can save some money by buying a kit containing many of the decorations, napkins, and plates you need all together.

Max and Ruby Birthday Party Supplies(83875)Credit: Amazon Products

Have Fun!

Have fun at your themed party and remember to wrap up a Max or Ruby doll or book for one of the gifts.  Just don't leave your kids and friends alone without parental supervision like the bunnies are left alone in the stories.  Real kids need parents around, not just grandma bunny down the street.

If you are interested, learn more about creator/writer Rosemary Wells here. She has developed quite a franchise around her anthropomorphized bunnies. Well's books and the TV show and toys that have been based on her characters and stories are providing much joy to children around the world - and all without any violence or nasty themes.

Max and Ruby Birthday Party SuppliesCredit: Amazon Products

Max and Ruby Birthday Party Invitations