Max and Ruby is now a popular TV show for preschoolers but these adorable bunnies started out as characters in illustrated children books by Rosemary Wells.  You may want to explore the available print titles if your child loves the TV show.

Max is a curious and naughty little 3-year-old white rabbit who rarely speaks more than a couple words in each show.  His choice of words generally drives the theme and story-line as Max tries to outsmart his restrictive sister, usually with great success.  Ruby is the 7 year-old bossy and sometimes restrictive big sister who tries to get Max to follow her ideas.

Ruby is not above victimizing little brother Max by dressing him up in weird clothing or forcing him to play her games.  However Ruby also looks out for her little bunny brother, always in the complete absence of their parents and usually with no adults around.

In the bunnyhood every bunny is friendly and safe, including the Candy Store owner, the Bunny Scout Leader, neighbors and friends.  The star bunnies have no fear of interacting with anyone else in the series and have no concept of stranger danger. A true bunny utopia.

Many of the early TV show episodes were based on specific books by Rosemary Wells. However, as the show was renewed for more episodes the show writers had to create stories from scratch after they ran out of the original stories in print.  Some of these TV writer stories were converted to print at a later time. 

Here is a sample list of some of the available books for 4 to 8 year-olds

Max & Ruby’s Bedtime Book


ISBN 9780670011414 (hardcover)  Published September 2010 by HarperCollins

Max Cleans Up

ISBN 978-0670892181 (hardcover) and ISBN 978-0142301333 (paperback)
Published October 2000 - Viking/Penguin

Bunny Party

ISBN 978-0670035014 (hardcover) and ISBN 978-0142501627 (paperback)
Published September 2001 - Viking/Penguin

Bunny Mail


ISBN 978-0670036301 (hardcover) Published September 2004 - Viking/Penguin

Max’s Dragon Shirt


ISBN 978-0140567274 (paperback) Published July 2000 - Viking/Penguin

Max’s Bunny Business


ISBN 978-0670011056 (hardcover) Published May 2008 - Viking/Penguin

Sample Titles Aimed at under 4 year-olds - Mostly Board Books

Baby Max & Ruby: Shopping


ISBN 978-0670011681 (board book) Published May 2009 by Viking/Penguin

Baby Max and Ruby: Red Boots


ISBN 978-0670011698 (board book) Published October 2009 by Viking/Penguin

Baby Max and Ruby: Clean-Up Time


ISBN 978-0670011711 (board book) Published October 2009 by Viking/Penguin

Baby Max and Ruby: Peek-a-Boo


ISBN 978-0670011674 (board book) Published May 2009 by Viking/Penguin

Max Counts His Chickens


ISBN 978-0670062225 (hardcover) and ISBN 978-0142412749 (paperback) published February 2007 by Viking/Penguin

Max’s ABC


ISBN 978-0670060740 (hardcover) and ISBN 978-0142411728 (paperback) Published May 2006 - Viking/Penguin

Rosemary Wells has written a huge selection of titles featuring the bunny siblings and many of Wells books were made into TV episodes.  The TV writers have also written books based on episodes they created, so now there are both books made into TV shows and TV shows made into books.  [1]

There are board books for infants, and hard and soft cover books for preschoolers.  Some books feature the seasons (Fall, Winter etc) and all the big holidays are covered by the stories.  There are also books that are geared to teaching - like Max's ABC's.

You can explore the huge selection of bunny books on Amazon or check your local book store for titles. 

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