The Max and Ruby animated TV Show is based on books by Rosemary Wells, an American illustrator and children's book author.  Starting with the Max and Ruby books which were adapted into the TV show, the Max and Ruby brand has been expanded with many types of toys, clothing and games.  

The TV episodes present stories about Max, "a rambunctious and determined three-year-old rabbit", and his big sister, Ruby, a "patient, goal-oriented, sometimes restrictive seven-year-old rabbit".  According to Rosemary Wells on the Nick Jr. website, "Max & Ruby celebrates the relationship between Ruby and her younger brother, Max, and the universal nature of sibling relationships."  The TV series is a Canadian creation. 

The whole concept of Max and Ruby is truly adorable and a much better fit for the preschool age target than many competing shows that include much violence. Some see problems with Max and Ruby, but overall the gentle little bunnies are  lot better than cartoons with shooting and killing like Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd.  The series teaches cooperation, sharing and getting a long.  It is just wholesome fun.

Rosemary WellsWho is Rosemary Wells?

The creator, Rosemary Wells, is a children's book author/illustrator.  You can meet her and learn more about her life by watching the video at the bottom of the page.  She was birn in New York and grew up in New Jersey on the Jersey Shore.  She says that because of her immigrant parents she never really felt completely at home, still tied to Europe.

As a child she found delight in painting and drawing, adding writing as an interest when she became a young adult.

Many of Well's books often use animal characters rather than humans, with Max and Ruby being prime examples. In the children's journal Stone Soup, Wells has stated that she writes using animals because it allows her to address sophisticated, controversial topics in a way children can understand and adults can accept.

For example, Yoko tackles the thorny topics of racism.  Yoko is about a little Japanese kitten who is ostracized by her classmates when she brings sushi in her school lunch. In Yoko's conclusion, she gains acceptance by hosting a school luncheon where everyone brings food that is from their family's culture. 

When Can Max and Ruby Be Seen?

Canada Canada Nickelodeon & Treehouse TV
United States United States Nickelodeon & Nick Jr.
United Kingdom United Kingdom Nick Jr. & Nick Jr. 2
France France Nickelodeon
Sweden Sweden Kanal 5
Finland Finland SubTV
Pakistan Pakistan Nickelodeon
South Korea South Korea OBS
ArgentinaPeruMexicoChileVenezuelaEcuador Latin America Boomerang Latin America 2006-2008, Nick Jr. 2011

The first season aired in 2002 and a fifth season will come out sometime in 2011 or 2012.

Where Can Max and Ruby Books be Found?Product Details

On her website, Rosemary Wells suggests visiting a local independent bookseller, but for a full selection of Max and Ruby books, Instant Video, toys and games at reasonable prices (including used options) Amazon's Max and Ruby collection can't be topped.  There are even Max and Ruby pajamas for your preschooler to wear while holding her stuffed Ruby doll and reading about Max and Ruby's Bunny Party.