Countless numbers of players have been using batting cages as a way to be able to improve their hitting during the regular season and off season. While there is nothing wrong with this the fact of the matter is that to be able to receive the most effective results using a batting cage requires that you work on certain techniques to ensure that you are practicing at the most effective level possible.

Some of the different techniques which you can use that will improve your overall level of hitting include:

If you have a pitching machine, make sure you are using the right speed. When you are using any pitching machine you more than likely will have a range of speeds from 30 miles per hour upwards to 90 miles per hour. A major mistake that most players make is to assume that they need to always be trying to hit baseballs that are coming at them at 90 miles per hour. You don't want to negatively effect the player's swing by trying to hit baseballs at inappropriate speeds for their skill level. Instead what you want to do is practice on different speeds, speeds more appropriate for their age and skill level. This will help the player be able to adjust their eyes to picking up the ball as it is coming in while improving their overall swing.

Another training technique is to practice on tees regularly. A tee is a great way to make sure that your swing is staying level. What happens in many situations is most people feel that they do not have to use a tee when they are at the batting cage, thinking that the only people who really need them are beginners or those who are having trouble with their swing. The reality is that you want to use a tee on a regular basis to ensure that you are continuing to swing level at all times, this will help improve their swing which leads to more confidence leading to more productive at bats in game situations.

Clearly, practice time in batting cages are a great way to improve a player's swing. To make the most effective use of a batting cage requires that you practice the above techniques on a regular basis; this will allow you to consistently improve the player's swing and at the same time helping to make them a better baseball player.