Trundle Beds for Kids

Many homes these days are being built smaller to accommodate people with smaller budgets, and the key to maximizing space in these smaller homes is to look for clever ideas with furniture so that rooms remain uncluttered while the cleverly selected items provide much needed storage space. Trundle beds for kids are a perfect example of furniture that serves a space saving function, while looking attractive and being a whole lot of fun for kids too. People always want to know where to look to get these unique furniture pieces and what they will cost. is a global e-commerce site where everything you can think of is offered for sale. Amazon offers everything from books to trundle beds for kids to jewelry, sport equipment, clothes, medications and much more.

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The fact that Amazon offers a fabulous and convenient shopping experiences to customers as well as offering low comparable prices, ratings and reviews on products, customers can always make well informed buying decisions, and their entire shopping experience is enhanced.

Space Saving Furniture All the Rage

Trundle beds are two beds, one on top of the other. They are not to be mistaken with bunk beds. The bottom bed of the trundle concept is somewhat smaller than the upper bed and is on casters so that it can be rolled in and out from below the upper bed. Known as fantastic space-saving and storage beds, the beauty of trundle beds is that when the bottom bed is not being used as a bed, it doubles as storage space. The benefit of using a trundle bed is that they require less space in a room than a conventional bed, which makes them perfect accessories in a smaller room.

The bunk type trundle beds are the perfect solution for small rooms simply because you are effectively using the same small floor space for not one, but two and three beds.  Trundle beds are popular options for kid's bedrooms because kids can have their friends to sleep over. The pop-up trundle bed is particularly popular, because the second bed can be raised to the height of the other bed to form one large double-sized bed, making for additional sleeping space that all the kids and pets can share.

Some Trundle Beds for Kids will Need to be Assembled offers a fantastic range of trundle beds for kids, and apart from the traditional wood trundle beds, there are plenty of other attractive options in trendy metal designs. Prices for the different beds will also vary, depending on the materials, size and features of the bed. Some of the trundle beds will be delivered intact, while others will require being assembled. The beauty of buying from is that by comparing one with the next, you get exactly what you are looking for. 

A Popular Twin Size Trundle Bed

Modern San Twin Size & Trundle W/drawers
Amazon Price: $1,213.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 14, 2016)

The Modern San Twin Size trundle bed with drawers by Acme Furniture is a popular choice for kids bedrooms and gets a five star rating with good reason. At $657.35 and with three generous storage drawers, this sturdily built bed has been carefully crafted to withstand the robust activities of kids. Both the head- and footboard have a gentle curve with slats, perfect for boys or girls.

A Captain Trundle Bed for Kids

Bedz King Captains Twin Bed with Twin Trundle and 3 Drawers in White
Amazon Price: $749.00 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 14, 2016)

The Captains Bed Twin Trundle and Drawers in White valued at $599.90 by Bedz King gets a 4.5 star rating. This beautiful trundle bed gives the appearance of having six drawers, but the top three are not usable. Made from solid Brazilian pine, the wood has been thoroughly sanded and the smooth coating will ensure no cracking or splinting to injure your child. Some assembly will be necessary for this clean looking, trendy bed. The entire trundle bed unit is child safe and lead free.  The roll out trundle bed has a 8 1/2 inch mattress.  Measuring 39'' in height, 42'' in width and 78'' in length this solid captain trundle bed for kids is perfect for sleepovers. In a twinkling of an eye, you can haul out sheets, pillow slips and duvets from the chunky three drawers, and when the sleepover is past, the trundle bed simply reverts back to its original state. 

A Bunk Bed Trundle Bed for Kids

Bedz King Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle, Twin Over Twin Mission Style, Espresso
Amazon Price: $645.00 $464.10 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 14, 2016)

Bed time is certainly made more fun with bunk beds and there is nothing like a bunk bed trundle bed to provide brilliant sleeping space for two kids and a friend. The storage space provided by a bunk bed trundle bed is too good an opportunity to let pass by. You are in effect, getting three beds, making this a truly worthwhile investment for smaller bedrooms. The Bunk Bed with Twin Trundle by Bedz King gets a 3.5 star rating as well as some glowing customer reviews. Most customers agree on one thing; the entire set is rock solid; perfect for putting up with the antics of boisterous kids.

These particular trundle beds for kids will need to be assembled, but step by step instructions can actually make the assembly easy and fun. This Twin Over Twin Mission Style trundle bunk bed which goes at some $452.00 is also made out of beautiful solid Brazilian pine which has been treated in a special way to prevent any cracking and splitting. The finish is completely child-safe and lead-free as well.  Children will also find the climbing up and down the ladder is made particularly easy by the careful consideration of flat rungs instead of vertical ones. The rungs can be either hooked on and off or they can be permanently screwed on. This bunk bed trundle bed also comes with guard rails for both sides of the top bed. With total bunk bed external dimensions of 82 x 42 x 62 inches, this bunk type trundle bed is the ideal purchase for anyone looking for good looking, space saving, affordable and fun bedroom furniture for their kid's rooms. 

Beds to Enchant Your Children

Trundle beds for kids may well be available in different styles but they all have one common mission; to provide fun and to be a fantastic solution for providing storage, comfort and space. These are all qualities that most people insist on when looking for beds.  Look on for your trundle beds for kids, because they also offer a delivery service, which means you get a super bed, super price and the super convenience of having a useful and worthwhile item of furniture delivered right to your door and which will start enchanting your children from word go.