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If you’re considering making money with public self-storage auctions, you likely want to maximize your profits. Some people make full-time income from storage auctions, while others use their weekends and evenings to make extra money. Regardless of how much money you would like to earn, there are numerous things you can do to get the most for your content items.

Some people who attend auctions at public self-storage sites look for books. Others look for electronics. Still others look for flea market items. Take advantage of the auctions to network. Make a note of the type of items that each contact buys or sells.

Sell the contents from public self-storage units to resellers

For example, a person who sells at the flea market might buy clothes, books and dishes from you. When you get a unit with such items, box all the items, and sell them on a per-box basis. Some resellers will pay anywhere from $5 to $10 per box. Flea marketers can easily make a profit from the sale of the items.

Network when you attend auctions at public self-storage locations

An appliance shop owner might buy refrigerators or stoves from you. An appliance repairman can repair broken appliances or use them for parts. Be honest, though. Don’t say an appliance works when you know that it doesn’t. In the worst scenario, you can sell broken appliances as scrap metal. Although you make less money when you sell to resellers, you still maximize your profits because you save time in marketing.

Another option is to hire help and sell your items at the flea market. Hire a helper on a per-hour basis. Flea marketers often report making $700 or more in a weekend.

Wooden furniture from public self-storage

Custom-painted furniture is worth money. You can list your items online on sites such as eBay, Amazon or You can also sell wood furniture to furniture resellers. Some resellers recycle vintage furniture. For instance, painting a vintage coffee table black and then stenciling it can give it a fresh new look. Visualize the possibilities when you view a unit's contents.

Storing your auction contents and public self-storage

Paying rent on a business location can significantly reduce your profits. Resellers often rent public self-storage units to store their items until they can sell them. Boat storage units are generally larger and less expensive. If you have items that don’t require climate control, a boat storage unit can help you maximize your profits. Boat storage units are larger so you have more room to store your items. The rental fee is about $100 per month.

Selling jewelry from auctions at public self-storage sites

Yes, it’s possible to find jewelry and scrap gold in storage units. Home gold parties are becoming popular, but you generally receive up to 70 percent less than what you would receive if you were to take your gold directly to a gold buyer. Eliminating the middleman will help you maximize your profits from auctions at public self-storage locations.

Deliver your public self-storage contents

Bargain hunters often have difficulty transporting their purchases. You can increase your sales if you offer delivery for an additional fee.

Be honest when selling public self-storage bargains

If you plan to make a living as a reseller, it’s important to earn your colleague’s and client’s trust. Repeat customers are a sign that you’re providing satisfactory service. In time, you’ll find that you won’t have to market your items as much because your customers will refer their friends and family members to you.

Attending auctions at public self-storage sites and removing contents from the units can be time consuming, but its an ideal way make fast money. If you visualize the content’s potential, quickly determine how much you could get from the sale of the items and cap your bid, you’ll likely maximize your profits.

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