Today, given that the resources for traditional energy are fast depleting as well as their prices rapidly rising, increasingly more countries perhaps even industries have realized that nothing is more abundant and affordable as opposed to energy that originates from the sun's rays. Since the massive switch is headed forward, as an individual, you can maximize the potential benefits of solar energy advantages simply by making your property solar power-ready or if you're still within the planning stage of your dream house, you can get it ready for solar - powered energy technology by integrating the foregoing elements:

1. Thermal mass - is among the elements in designing a building in which the mass has consideration so that the property retains its balance against temperature changes. Brick walls, polished concrete and tile floors are better materials that could absorb heat during the day when temperatures are higher while providing thermal energy during cooler temperatures at night. 

2. Windows - the windows work as best spots in your property where one can collect sunlight. It's perfect for windows around the south side of the property to be bigger to let the sun's heat go through the house throughout the day. Windows on the north side should be smaller to hold the heat in the evening. 

3. Ventilation - doors and windows should be positioned opposite one another to allow for unobstructed cooling to flow over the house once the air cools down in the evening throughout the summertime. 

4. Insulation and draught proofing - proper insulation of roofs, floors and walls and also filling of gaps to prevent draughts or current of air to intrude. 

5. Shading - appropriate placement of exterior shading structures should be wide enough to intercept the intense heat of the sun during summer and passable enough towards the winter sun to pass through. 

6. Layout, orientation and positioning of your property on the land - the south side of your home is definitely the spot where you'll get much of the sun's heat during daytime. It is really advantageous to position your living areas at the sunny side. However, if you live in close proximity to the southern hemisphere, you'll get the sun's heat at the north side. 

7. Landscaping - concentrate on the cooling breeze to flow through your house by positioning the trees and plants within the key sections of your own home where they can also function as a shade during summer. Additionally, the perfect trees to plant are trees that drop off leaves in winter.

Integrating these factors to get the most of solar energy advantages for your individual property doesn't really involve a lot of financial investment and time. It's actually possible to make use of them and turn your old property into solar power-ready with simple modifications similar to moving your living room to face the south side, installing additional windows, repositioning doors for recommendable ventilation and planting more trees in order to get properly shaded. All of these can be executed without spending a lot of money.