Find hidden storage in your kitchen

Do you have a small kitchen space? If your answer is yes then it is possible you are at crossroads on how to effectively maximize the little space you have is that kitchen. This is a problem that is faced by most people but not to worry since there are various ways through which you can bring the space in your kitchen to work for you instead of against you. Two of the most effective ways of maximizing space in your kitchen is by making the most of your kitchen cabinet space and de-cluttering your kitchen.

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Effectively maximizing kitchen cabinet space

You might not know this but cabinets will always play a vital role as far as your kitchen’s design is concerned. This in other words mean that whether you are getting a new kitchen or trying to improve an existing one, cabinets will always be a must have. Therefore, you should be prudent in the choice of kitchen cabinets you make. Before you make use of the tips provided below, you first have to decide the entire size and overall layout of your kitchen and when done, decide whether you want to keep the same layout or go for a new one, keeping in mind, your cooking habits and needs.

  • Making a choice of lower cabinets: In this case, proper attentions should be paid to the getting more storage space from the cabinets. For the lower cabinets, you should go for the type that has pull-out drawers since they can effortlessly accommodate your pans, pots and lids unlike the shelf cabinet.
  • Choosing upper cabinets: It all depends on what you want to store, then you can go for those cabinets that come with glass doors or solid doors. You can also opt for open shelving cabinets. If you are a proud owner of expensive dinnerware of glassware which you want to show off, the glass doors cabinets will be a perfect fit to store your wares and at the same time, give you more space in your kitchen. For those items you use often, like baking supplies and others, you can go for open shelving.
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De-cluttering your kitchen

If there is one known way that you can effectively make use of your small kitchen space, it is by ridding the space of those items you hardly use, whether they are stored in the cabinets or not. Some of them could be sold off, thrown away or stored in a place that is more appropriate. It is time to go through your cabinets and sort out the following:

  • Items you seldom use: You make use them but not always, then they should go to the basement, garage or any other place they can be safe. Don’t forget to put them in labeled boxes so that when needed, you can easily retrieve them.
  • Items you use on daily basis: These should be at the counter top where you can easily reach them each time the need arises.

With all these tips, you are sure to make the most of your kitchen space, no matter how little it might be and at the same time, effectively use your kitchen cabinet space.