An iPhone keeps you in touch with the world—you can access news and information from the palm of your hand and connect with friends across the street or across the globe instantly. However, your iPhone can be useful for professional purposes as well as personal ones. Whether you have a business iPhone or want to tap into your work from your personal iPhone, this device makes maximizing your work productivity simple. From email to apps, you can discover a variety of ways to stay productive whether you’re sitting in the office or catching a flight at the airport.




Today’s business professional relies on email to share and collect information. Email transcends industries, so whether you’re a teacher, an accountant, or a construction manager, you use email to communicate with coworkers. If you’re tired of coming into work every morning and dedicating time and energy to responding to emails and emptying your inbox, an iPhone can be a handy tool in managing emails as they come in. Hook up your iPhone to your business email, and you can field emails whether you’re in the office or traveling. The efficiency with which you can respond to these emails using your iPhone can save you valuable time every day.


Text Messaging


Text messages aren’t just for teens who want to gossip with their best friends. Often at work, you need information from someone who might not be instantly accessible. Perhaps your coworker is out of the office, in a meeting, or simply not responding to your email. Request information more efficiently by sending a text message to your coworker. Use iPhone text messaging only for quick questions that have quick answers. More detailed conversations should be reserved for email or, ideally, a face-to-face chat. Before you start sending texts to your coworkers, however, make sure they don’t mind this form of communication.


Productivity Apps


Your iPhone can encourage you to be more productive thanks to apps designed exclusively for business professionals. Imagine the convenience of having your work documents accessible from your iPhone. Now, you can thanks to apps such as Dropbox and Google Drive, which allow you to tap into all of your saved documents from your iPhone. You can even edit documents as well, allowing you to do work on the go. These apps are particularly useful for business travelers, who might find themselves spending plenty of time in airports with WiFi.


Evernote allows you to write, organize, and send notes, making it an ideal accessory for a business meeting. Forget about writing detailed meeting minutes; instead, you can type a document in Evernote and share it with fellow meeting attendees, all from the convenience of your iPhone. With Evernote, you can also store and share photos. Are you researching for a big project or presentation? Use Evernote to draft ideas as they pop in your head—which might not always occur when you’re sitting in front of the computer. You can also collect your research findings in Evernote as well.




Your iPhone can connect you with the world—and your business. Take advantage of the impressive connectivity of the device, and discover the ways you can use your smartphone to get you ahead in your career. You’ll be more successful and productive as a result.