The preparation and serving of your sushi is vitally important to achieving a great eating experience. When you pair a beautiful sushi presentation with a quality sushi set, the results can be really spectacular. Let's take a look at a few steps you can take to properly prepare your sushi in a way that will not only look great, but taste fantastic as well:

Things You Will Need

1. A quality sushi set for serving your food
2. Your favorite chopsticks
3. A very sharp knife for cutting the rolls
4. Seaweed wrap, otherwise known as "Nori"
5. Rice
6. Any fillings that you would like rolled into the sushi
6. Your appetite

Step 1

Yummy Rice The first thing to consider when creating the perfect food for your Japanese sushi set is that the quality of your rice is absolutely vital to the food as a whole. In order to prepare the rise, rinse it under water about 5 times in order to reduce the starch content. After cooking the rice, be sure to transfer it into a wooden bowl using a wooden spoon: The wood really helps retain the quality of the rice without taking too much moisture out. Last, cover the rice with a wet towel to further help retain the moisture.

Step 2

Seaweed Wrap Next, you'll prepare the Nori. Nori is simply the seaweed wrap that contains all the delicious stuff inside each sushi roll. While the ingredient is simple to use and obtain, it is a huge factor in the overall flavor of your sushi. I recommend lightly toasting the Nori over a small flame in order to bring out its aroma. Also, this toasting will help with keeping the Nori from sticking to your sushi set. Roll the Nori out and add your ingredients, making sure to leave a half inch or so of extra seaweed material so you can get a good seal around the roll. Sometimes it's tempting to stuff too much food into the roll, so this little bit of extra slack can often mean the difference between success and failure.

Step 3

Sharp Knife The last step is all about cutting the large Nori roll into the smaller pieces that you are used to seeing in a sushi bar. Cut these as large or as small as you'd like. One major issue to consider here is the sharpness of your knife: The sharper the better. The reason for this is that with a dull knife, you are going to have to do more "sawing" to get the seaweed to cut properly. The more sawing you do, the more likely it is for your sushi roll to fall apart to the frustration of everyone involved.
So there you have it, a simple outline for making and presenting a delicious sushi. What better way to christen that new sushi set you purchased than by treating yourself to some world-class rolls!

Tips & Warnings