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Maximize Your Time

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Time.  It is by far the most valuable currency on our planet Earth, and yet, we never truly know its 

value until we're almost out of it.  Coming into this world, we're all hoping to be gifted a similar amount of time, a lifespan.  Obviously different factors affect our available amount of time, but from the day we begin breathing air the count down begins.  A great example of this is the car analogy where time is your fuel/gas.  Assuming we all have the same size tank, we all have the same amount of fuel.  Granted along the way we could have an accident rendering our fuel useless, or environmental factors could as well affect our fuels performance, preventing or prolonging us from getting to our destination.  But the idea is, we all get relatively the same amount of time in our tanks.  The problem with the car analogy is this.  If we run out of fuel in an actual car, we simply pull into the nearest gas station and fuel up.  In life, at least until this point, there is no refilling station.  It is inevitable that our time will run out and there is no where for us to get more.  That being said, how can we maximize our available time?  And thru maximizing it, can we in a sense make more?


Back in college a professor of mine left me with something that to this day stays fresh in my mind.  She described to the class that our lives were divided into thirds.


1.  The first third was specifically devoted to sleep.  It is a necessary function of the body and there is nothing one can do to alter this.  It's is simple, we will sleep a third of our lives away.


2.  The second third is comprised of work.  For the vast majority of people on this Earth that weren't' born into money, they will work a third, if not more, of their lives.  Unfortunately for most of us, it will be doing something that bores us and does nothing to further our existence.  In essence it will be a job that we despise, doing nothing for our lives aside from putting money in our pockets.


3.  The finale third is everything else in our lives.  This includes but is not limited to: driving, eating, watching TV, going to the bathroom, church/religion, spending time with our families, doing what we love aka hobbies and passions, traveling, crying, cleaning and basically anything that doesn't fit into the first two thirds.


So it can be seen that, the only real third of our lives that has any true meaning is divided into so many pieces it becomes mind boggling.  If that is the case, that our lives are divided in this manner, how do we maximize our time? How do we make it into more?  This is where the brilliant part comes in, combination, or combining.  Combining thirds.  Now for the moment sleep is set in stone, but that leaves the other two thirds up for grabs.  So we're left with work and everything else.  If you notice under everything else there are multiple headings, one of which is your passions.  If we can combine our work with our passions we in essence free up a very significant amount of time in our lives.  Imagine being able to work doing what you love.  Now you're probably saying that's easy to say but extremely difficult to implement, but is it?  Or is it in fact that we are valuing the all mighty dollar over, remember from the beginning, the most valuable currency on our planet, time.  It's been driven into us that the dollar rules our lives, but the reality is that time rules our lives.  It is up to us to accept this and to change the ideology that money is more valuable than time.  And I bet that if we all embraced our passions and did what we love for a living not only would we be maximizing our time, but we'd probably be maximizing our profits.


The next time you're punching into your boring day job and scanning the clock every hour wondering if it's lunch or quitting time, take note.  You're staring it right in the face after all, time.  Take value of your existence and take value of your time.  If you haven't already chosen to do what you love for a living find out what's holding you back and take action.  Now I'm not suggesting to quit your job right this moment and move forward.  But if you take small logical steps today and small logical steps tomorrow, working your way towards the ultimate goal of doing what you love for a living, you will undoubtedly find success.  Success not only at being able to maximize your time, but maximizing your life. There is no better time to start than today.  Maximizing your time should take importance in the present.  In the words of Tim Ferris from the 4hr Work Week, "Someday is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you."


P.S.  It doesn't have to end here.  Multitasking is another great way to maximize time in our lives, i.e.; turning your vehicle into a mobile classroom while you commute by way of audio books or walking on the treadmill while watching a favorite television show.  I'd love to hear some more examples of how you maximize your time thru multitasking so if you have a moment please leave a comment, thanks!



Mar 1, 2012 2:44pm
A great visual example would be placing rocks in a glass jar. this rock is sleep, this is work, etc. The jar fills up pretty quick and it seems like you can't add more. But, you also see lots of little empty pockets you can take advantage of by breaking larger rocks (tasks) up and fitting them in where you can.

I don't watch much TV, but when I do sit down, I always have some sort of busy work to do: crochet, mending, notebook and pen to write ideas down. I also clean the living room and hallway during commercials. I also wash dishes and clean the kitchen as I make meals. I walk to the grocery store (regardless of weather-usually) so I make sure to get some exercise and save money. I understand not everyone lives close enough to a store, but the 1 1/4 mile round trip isn't a big deal for me. Lugging groceries back adds a little weight training too LOL!
Mar 1, 2012 3:53pm
Thanks for the comment Deb, your visual "Rocks"! I love how you maximize thru multitasking.
Mar 2, 2012 8:35am
Back in the early 70's, when I was working on my bachelor’s degree in Vocation Home Economics Education (now called Family and Consumer Sciences) at FSU, I took a semester course in which I lived in the "Home Management House". This was a course designed to put into practice all the concepts we would teach our students in the Home Economics curriculum. One of our weekly assignments was to list the time and energy savers which we used during the week as a member of the house. There were always silly things like brush your teeth while sitting on the toilet and wear bulky socks while dusting the living room furniture so you could dust the hardwood floor at the same time. But as silly as some them seemed developing this habit then has stayed with me throughout my live. Now only did I emphasize the use of time and energy savers in my Home Ec. classes, I "multitasked" in my personal life daily. Now as a retiree, I still multitask. I guess one of my regular ways I multitask is by leaving my computer on while I am doing other things around the house. By doing this I can check my various social Medias as I am cooking dinner, washing clothes, and watching/listening to Dr. Oz.
I think that most of use multitasks without realizing it. To really be successful at it, you have to conscientiously plan the tasks you want to complete simulteously and then stick to you plan until all tasks are completed to your satisfaction. I find writing down my plan helps when I am very serious about accomplishing my goals. My best example of this is when I am baking and decorating a wedding cake. If I didn't carefully plan how to multitask all the various parts of a finished product, I would never get it done.
Mar 17, 2012 6:32am
The million dollar question jwlee45 is........ How do you multitask/aka maximize time while watching your grand kids? ;)
Mar 17, 2012 10:40am
Are you kidding? There is no multitasking when watching my grand kids. I devout 100% of my time to them. Unless you consider it multitasking when trying to give them both equal attention when watching them together.
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