Of course you know that the Lottery is a game that must be played responsibly and an addiction to this game is possible. Given all these warnings and knowing fully well you are playing for fun, what should you do? Read on..

Maximize your purchase:
So you’ve decided you definitely want to plunk down your hard-earned dough, look squarely in the eye of the clerk (or the lottery ticket dispenser) and with the air of a man/woman mere moments away from stardom, confidently purchase your ticket.

How do you maximize your chance of *enjoying* your purchase?
Well, here are some tips and tricks that work well for us:

1) For starters, buy the ticket at least a couple days in advance:
A major chunk of the fun in purchasing a Lottery ticket (and that view of having fun is essential in our opinion), is to dream about what would happen if you win.

The day dreams that are built up here allow you to maximize the “goodness” you wring out of your purchase. Imagining how you would feel the minute you realize your number is the winning number, imagining your reaction a minute after and as you break the news to your loved ones; all these add to the fun, excitement and anticipation that the few dollars you spent on the ticket get you.

Another less scientifically understood reason is to allow your mind to think positive and visualize yourself winning the lottery. It is easy to think such an approach is sheer nonsense, but the fact is positive thinking doesn’t hurt and can only put the person in a better mood so why not try it? If there are any additional benefits that fall out (like winning the lottery!), well and good!

2) Minimize picking numbers that other folks might pick:
IF your lucky stars shine bright and you win, you don’t have to share that 10 million with 100 other people thus getting you only 100K instead of the 10 Million!

For example, people tend to pick birthdays, so if your number includes numbers beyond 31, you can avoid picking birthday numbers others might pick often (since the most number of days in a month is 31 any number between 1 and 31 could be a birthdate that people pick)

3) Winning while Losing:
And finally, if my some major stroke of mis-fortune, you lose the game and don’t win anything, letting your mind think about how at least some part of your dime was used for useful purposes (like building roads or providing schools with new programs) helps ease the loss.

That way at least you can get some comfort from knowing that your money wasn’t totally wasted!
Good Luck!