Building lean muscle mass takes a lot more than just lifting weights in the gym, you need to make sure that you are feeding your body all the nutrients that it requires to repair and grow. One of the best muscle building supplements in the UK Maximuscle Cyclone is Britain's number one all in one muscle building formula that is going to help you to finally build the muscle mass that you deserve for all those long hours that you are spending working out.

Cyclone contains a combination of creatine, protein and other key nutrients that will help you to build muscle mass. This product has been designed to help you get stronger and more explosive. With hard training and a good diet plan, combined with maximuscle cyclone your muscles will become fuller, bigger and more defined. If you are wanting to get a bigger chest, shoulders, arms and legs then you should seriously consider taking a closer look at maximuscle's fantastic bulking up supplement cyclone.

Each serving of maximuscle cyclone contains 5 grams of creatine, 5 grams of glutamine, 1.5 grams of HMB and 30 grams of whey protein. All you need to do is mix 1.5 scoops of cyclone powder with water and drink twice a day, preferably one shake in the morning and the other shake after your workout.

Maximuscle cyclone is easy to mix and comes in six different delicious tasting flavours, these flavours are strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, banana, orange and the special edition flavour choc mint. This muscle building supplement is almost lactose free meaning you are less likely to feel bloated and get stomach upsets whilst taking it. You can also buy maximuscle cyclone in ready made bars, these protein bars come in two different flavors, these flavours are dark chocolate and dark chocolate orange. This supplement as won many awards with one of the most recent awards being best 'Bulking UP' award at the mens health supplement awards 2009. Use cyclone combined with a good diet and exercise routine and you should quickly start seeing the muscle building results that you are looking for.