Maximuscle Progain is one of Britain's best selling weight gainer supplements. For a lot of people gaining weight can be struggle, it doesn't matter how much food they eat they just simply can't put on any weight. They find themselves training hard in the gym 3 to 4 times every week, but they have nothing to show for the effort and time that they are putting in at the gym. Progain contains all the correct nutrients that are required in helping you bulk up and pack on the pounds in lean muscle mass.

Maximuscle progain is designed so that the weight you gain is mostly muscle and not fat. Progain is high in calories, complex carbohydrates, essential fats and whey protein. This weight gainer also contains all the vitamins and minerals that are going to help fuel your body to start packing on some serious size and muscle mass.

If you are skinny and finding that you can't eat enough food during the day to gain weight, then you are going to absolutely love maximuscle progain. Take this stuff every day combined with an heavy and intense weight training routine and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't quickly start putting on the pounds in muscle and not fat. This stuff will work if you are an hard gainer or you have got an extremely fast metabolism. Progain will help you to gain weight and muscle without leaving you feeling bloated or full up.

To get the most out of maximuscle progain weight gainer its recommended that you mix 2 scoops of it with water. Take one serving every day for the first week, then increase the servings so that you are gaining around two pounds in body weight each week. Progain comes in four different flavours, the flavours are chocolate, strawberry, banana and vanilla. You can also buy this fantastic weight gainer ready made in the form of a flapjack. The flapjack flavours are blueberry and cranberry and choc, raisin and hazelnut, they contain 328 calories in every bar and also contain around 1 gram of creatine and 1 gram of CLA.