The MaxiGlide Hair Straightener

Infusses Steam

Straightening hair using an ordinary flat-iron makes hair brittle and dry.  Placing sections of hair between two iron-plates crushes hair instead of gently combing through the hair with infused steam.

The MaxiGlide creates a smooth silky lustrous shine to hair instead of crushing and burning hair when using flat-irons.  The MaxiGlide comb prongs combs through hair instead of  drying out and crushing the hair.  When you take the MaxiGlide and place a section of hair in-between the plates, you comb through the hair while pressing a button to infuse steam that helps gives the hair a healthy shine.

MaxiGlide Hair Iron


The MaxiGlide works great and can't imagine not using it as a part of my daily routine.  I've used it for years and the product lasts a long time.  The MaxiGlide is well-made.

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Straighten Curls Easily

The MaxiGlide comes in various sizes.  I own the medium-sized MaxiGlide and feel the medium size does it all for me.  Whether I want to smooth out only the frizz sections of my hair or do my whole head, the medium size fits all my needs.  If you're someone who uses flat-irons to flatten your entire head of hair, you probably should buy the larger size.  The MaxiGlide comes in a travel size too so you never have to leave home without it.

If you have naturally curly hair and spend hours a week blowing out your hair to be straight, purchasing the MaxiGlide will without a doubt cut your straightening time in half saving you a tremendous amount of time each week.  Using the steam option button to add luster and shine it also helps cut down the straightening time too.

Cleaning the MaxiGlide is so easy too.  The plates slide off easily to clean and slide easily back on the base.

It's Worth The Buy

In Closing

I used ordinary flat-irons for years and feel the MaxiGlide works better.  I recommend buying one because I feel you will like the results better and appreciate how well it works compared to other flat-irons you've used in the past.  The MaxiGlide makes flattening hair easy compared to ordinary flat-irons, adds luster and shine and it's a well-made product that will last for years.

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Video Demonstration of the MaxiGlide

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