Not a bad month, but there is room for improvement

May progressCredit: Javrsmith

At nearly the half-way point of May, there are several online earning points to discuss. This article seeks to do that. In addition to the earnings, there are some other issues that have been discovered this month. These will also be listed here. It is hoped that the article serves a few key points. It should educate other Infobarrel authors. It should encourage general Internet viewers to consider Infobarrel. It should provide writing credits towards the current author contest at Infobarrel. The article will succeed at these goals.

At nearly the middle of May, 2012, my Adsense account has recorded over $13 in revenue. In the entire month of April, the total received was $41. May seems to be on a somewhat slower pace, based on the statistics. Hopefully this will improve to at least match the revenue received last month. There are some promising signs, however. May 2012 saw a near record day of earnings with nearly $6.00 recorded early in the month. Other days have been significant earners in the $3.00 to $3.50 range. These figures would be more impressive if they were consistent. Unfortunately, some days have seen as little as 2 cents of earnings and a couple of days have earned no money at all. On a positive note, traffic to my articles has been significant of late.

If you are considering the benefits of writing online articles for money, you should consider the Infobarrel site. It is free to join, the revenue sharing arrangement is generous and it is an easy platform on which to submit articles. The submitted articles must be of high quality with few language errors. They should be relevant to the title topic. They should provide information rather than spam. Beyond that, there are few requirements besides a few common sense ones. (No hate literature, adult content, illegal or manipulative work, etc.) The site looks good and presents submitted articles well. Google indexes the content quickly and ranks them well. The site also operates a user forum facility. There, authors can post messages asking for help, giving information to the community or listing their accomplishments. The forum has become a wealth of information of use to those interested in writing better articles, keeping up with new Internet developments and connecting with an interesting group of people.

As mentioned, another reason for this article is the need for writing credits. Infobarrel encourages authors to submit articles each month. Content is vital for sites that publish on the Google content network. By hosting many new articles per month, Infobarrel becomes established as a reliable content site for Google. Articles are the key to this. Infobarrel runs a monthly contest which rewards those authors who submit articles. In return, authors may earn additional advertising blocks on their articles. Each Infobarrel hosted article automatically earns 75% ad block space for the author. The way this works is by assigning the article author's Google Adsense ID to displayed ads 75% of the time. The site's ID is shown 25% of the time. If an author submits an article of 500 or more words, they receive 1 point of writing credit. If the author earns 21 points, their Adsense ID is displayed 80% of the time. Authors need not write 21 articles for this reward, however. Infobarrel has determined that longer articles tend to perform better. As a reward for longer content, the contest counts 2 writing credits if the article is 800 words long and 5 points if it is 1000 words. The math proves that an author can obtain the additional 5% of advertising by writing as few as four 1000 word long articles and a single 500 word one as well.

In addition to the reward for 21 writing points in a month, (in as little as five articles), Infobarrel also offers another 5% boost. If 31 writing points are earned in a month, the author will have their advertising ID displayed 85% of the time in the next month. By the same logic as the 21 point level, two additional articles of 1000 words each will earn 10 more writing credits. With a total of at least 31 points earned, the author earns the additional advertising award. For those who are particularly dedicated, they may continue to write articles and vie for the contest's top prize of $100 for the most prolific author of the month. As one might imagine, this is a difficult feat.

During the month of April, various events worked against me and I was unable to obtain the writing credits needed for the advertising boost, falling just short of the 21 point mark. This means that my May advertising is limited to 75%. While still a very high number compared to many content sites, it is short of the minimum goal. This is the first time in a long time that I have not hit at least the lower of the two contest goals. My intent is to submit more articles, starting this month, in order to ensure that I obtain enough credits for the higher of the two advertising boost amounts. That means that at least seven articles per month are needed on Infobarrel.

Authors might wonder about the rigors involved when writing articles of at least 1000 words. It turns out that for an experienced author, such length is pretty easy. It helps if the topic is dear to the author, but not essential. This article, for example, was started partly to comply with the Infobarrel monthly contest. My intent was to write 501 words so that a single contest point could be earned. During the process of writing content, I noticed that the article had easily surpassed the 501 word goal. Just a few more paragraphs would easily push the total beyond 800 words, earning an additional writing credit. Of course, the effort involved writing 800 words is just short of that required for 1000, perhaps 2 extra paragraphs. Since the article was nearing 800 words anyway, I decided to fill it out with information in order to top the 1000 word total. That goal has been reached within this paragraph. As a result, this article, started on a lark in order to write 500 words, has actually earned my 5 writing credits for the monthly contest. I leave it to the viewer to decide whether the additional words are informative or just useless noise.