Harold Camping Makes Another Run at Predicting the End of the World

You might want to set aside your plans for this weekend - you could be busy.  Have you seen an upswing of people wearing sandwich boards proclaiming the “End of the World” on Saturday, May 21?  If so, they are heeding the prophetic call of Harold Camping, the radio evangelist and founder of the Family Radio Network.  


Harold Camping is joining a long line of doomsday predictors (including his own failed prediction in 1994).  Camping claims the truth of his theological Armagedon prediction is the result of more than 50 years of Biblical scholarship and numerological study.  


According to Camping, the prophesy of The Book of Revelations will begin to come true on Saturday, May 21 as the first day of Judgement will occur and Christians will be called to Heaven.  This will lead to a five month period which will end with the destruction of the world.  


Although Camping seems to be a bit uncertain about the future events of Judgement Saturday, he believes the most likely scenario will be a series of devasting earthquakes and claims that the Bible suggests  that events of Judgement Day will begin at one certain point in the world and then spread from there.


You might want to lay in a supply of popcorn, because if Camping’s predictions are to be believed the events of Saturday will put to shame anything that Hollywood has ever been able to imagine.  


The earthquakes will trigger a series of three events:


  1. The quakes will begin the destruction of the world
  2. All of those people who have previously passed away as “true believers” will be raised from their graves
  3. Nonbelievers will face two situations of tormentation - those who live in the earthquake zones experience horrific torment and pain while those who don’t live in the earthquake zones will be forced to witness the destructive power of God.  


Doomsday prophets like Camping are not unusual.  Such predictors are based on an assumption that the Bible holds secret codes that close study and knowledge will ultimate unlock the codes to the world (and it’s destruction).  


Many Christian Church leaders have warned about unabashedly following the teachings of Camping and others as they are not based on Christian principles.  In fact, the Bible warns specifically about false prophets having such intimate knowledge.  Other’s point out that the most significant omission of Camping’s prediction is that it is missing the most crucial element to the Book of Revelations - The arrival of Christ.  Camping only concerns himself with the destruction of the world, but nothing in what he says contains the Second Coming of Christ.