Beach Ratings

Travelling to the Mayan Riviera and wondering what kind of postcard perfect beach you'll get? Or ... deciding on where to book your next beach vacation? You've come to the right spot :)

Here are my own top reasons why the Mayan Riviera is a fantastic beach that stretches all along the gulf of Mexico all the way to Cancun. You can't get better than this:

1. Sparkling clear turquoise water - while all islands in the Caribbean offer this, here you get uninterrupted long stretches of sand that starkly contrasts the blue of the water making in sparkle even more in the sun. Sometimes the water shimmers, sometimes it looks more green. It's always something to sit and stare out at and just get lost in.

2. Soft white sandy beach that feels like powder under your feet. If you're picky about sand, this is the place to go. You cant compare the soft powdery sand to even big name Hawaii because here there's no rocks or twigs ready to give you a splinter! Dig your feet in and they go deep, it's soft all the way. And clean!

3. Park land – palm trees for shade + beach cabanas/chairs for relaxing

This is so important because you don't want to fry in the sun. All of the resorts along the water have umbrellas and most of the big ones have palm trees that you can claim as your own for the day with your towel. There's no need to wake up super early and claim a beach spot, there's so much beach, there's some for everyone.

4. Waves. What’s an ocean without some action crashing against the shore? If you have kids who want to play in the water, this is perfect (with adult supervision of course). The water is calm with friendly waves (the kind you can jump over playfully, not the kind that knock you down).

5. Sunsets over and into the water - If you're a photographer, during the day when it's slightly overcast, is the best time to use your camera. Sunset photos also bring out all the pinks and purples that show up in the sky when the sun is going down.

6. Privacy - if you really want your own piece of beach away from everyone else, try Maroma beach, also part of the Mayan Riviera, there's many private beaches away from the resorts that offer complete silence and are great for meditation, reading, or just contemplating life.

7. Random unbroken shells - If you're a collector, you'll find the same great variety that you in Florida. Wake up early and take your pick in the morning when the sun is rising.

8. Beautiful weather - only if you travel in the right season, just like anywhere else in the world! Check out when hurricane season starts and ends and avoid being pressured into buying then just because of the high discounts.

9. Tropical plants, flowers and maybe even creatures - a snorkelling trip out is a must! Lots of colourful fish, turtles, and other creatures just across the way on Cozumel, one of the best snorkelling destinations after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

10.  A wedding - someone's always getting married on the Mayan Riviera, and it's always outside against the backdrop of the water and palm trees. If you see couples tying the knot outside, you know this is special place, why else would they pick it for one of the most important days of their lives? Beach weddings are great!

So what do you think? Have I convinced you?