I was recently shopping for a washing machine and was always really stuck on whether or not I should go for looks or functionality. Also, I wanted an unusual color instead of just a basic white version. However, I didn't want to get something too fun like red or turquoise that I might regret or get sick of in a few years ago. Sure, gray is a pretty trendy color for the 2011 and 2012 years but it's also a classic neutral color. Most of the reviews of other washing machines that I've read about have been pretty terrible so I wanted to see if reviewers thought that this works as good as it looks.

My Favorite Appliance Color!

Maytag Maxima 4.3 Cu. Ft. Gray Front Load Washer - MHW6000XG
Amazon Price: $1,378.64 $588.00 Buy Now
(price as of Jul 20, 2013)
I would love a gray washing machine!

The Design

I imagine that there will be the same problems with this that there are with most other front loading machines. However, Maytag does recommend prevention for mold so make sure you read the instruction manual.

From a design stand point here is why I thought it was pretty much the coolest machine I'd seen. I love the square door instead of a typical round one; seems like it will be much easier to load that way too. The control panel looks hi-tech but I think my favorite part is the smoke style glass front; that's what sets it apart for me instead of just being clear.

I'm still a little bit partial to the top loading washer that I went with just because it seems to be basic enough to not break down a lot. However, if I had more money than this is probably the only front loader I would've considered just because of the positive reviews and how beautiful it is.