maytag stove


controlled cooking


easy to clean

can be converted to propane from natural gas


don't like the self cleaning option

Full Review

Eight years ago, when we built our house, we had to choose our appliances. Our budget had been lowered as there had been extra costs on the house building, so we tried to get as good a deal as we could on appliances.

For the stove we purchased a Maytag stove, it was a gas stove, which I had never had before, and was a bit nervous of. But this had been the floor model in the local Sears catalogue store and we got a good deal. The fridge, washer, dryer and dishwasher were a different make, actually Kenmore, and have all had to be replaced, but this Maytag stove, is still going strong.

On top of that, we were running our house on propane, and not natural gas. The Maytag guy was able to come out put in a part to allow the Maytag stove to run on propane. We use this stove constantly, and my fears of a gas stove were gone. I actually like how there is no having to let things cool down after you shut off a burner, like there is with an electric stove. Once you turn it off, it is off.

This Maytag stove has come in handy during power outages, as we can still use the stove top to cook. We are a busy family, and someone is always cooking something, therefore this Maytag stove takes a lot a abuse, and it has cooked eight years of Thanksgiving Turkeys and Christmas hams with ease.

The only thing I don't like on this Maytag stove, and have only used it once, is the self cleaning option. It takes the oven up to a high temperature and locks the oven door. I am not a fan of any self cleaning oven really. I just as soon clean it myself, as I find the power it takes to self clean is too much.

You can use non abrasive cleaners on the inside of this oven with ease, and like with any mess if you clean it up right away, then there is less to bake on.

I like the burner grates as they can be put in the dishwasher, when you are cleaning the Maytag stove top, for easier cleaning.

I had never owned a Maytag stove before, or any Maytag appliance actually, until now, and must say, that although they tend to cost a bit more, they do last. In the 8 years we have lived here, we have had to replace some of the other appliances already. But this Maytag stove, is still going strong.

Our house mostly runs off of propane, so it made sense to have a propane gas furnace, water heater and dryer, and the stove. I didn't think they could convert a natural gas stove to a propane gas stove as they are different weights in gas, but they did it, by changing out a part. This cuts back on our electricity bill.

I expect this Maytag stove to continue for years to come. It is easy to use and easy to clean. If I ever move, I would leave this Maytag stove for the new resident and go and get another one for the next house. I highly recommend a Maytag gas stove.

In Closing

I would buy another one.