Value for money
Great tasting Breakfast Burrito
Good coffee
Clean facility


none noticed

Full Review

I recently went to McDonald's and had their Breakfast Burrito for the first time. This is another in a long line of products that the restaurant has added over the years. I usually order the McMuffin which is a bacon and egg sandwich. The Breakfast Burrito is a nice change with it's Mexican flavor. I think that McDonald's has a winner with this product. It was well presented, had good flavor and was hot. Ordinarily, I have the deep fried hash browns with my breakfast but I skipped them on this trip. They are actually quite oily but they certainly are delicious.

Obviously the Breakfast Burrito has some oil in it since it does contain meat. It didn't seem to be overly oily. It certainly tasted good with the eggs, onions, savory sausage and cheese. The tortilla was very nice as well.

I was curious about the nutritional content of the food that I had. When I was next online, I checked the calorie count and the fat content. It has a little more than half the calories, (300), than a Big Mac, (540), and about half the fat, (16g compared to 29g). There was a bit more cholesterol because of the eggs. It also had 30% less sodium. These numbers aren't in the diet food range at all, but seem fine for occassional dining opportunities.

On the day I was there, it seemed like a lot of customers ordered the Breakfast Burrito. It was about as popular as the McMuffin. A few others had various other items from the menu. I was actually amazed by how many people seemed to be at the restaurant for coffee only.

I have my coffee without sugar or milk. It allows me to get a pure coffee taste and doesn't hide bitterness. The McDonald's coffee that I had on my visit was also excellent. At the low price, it was a good value as well. Some of the coffee from the large chains can be quite bitter due to the roasting process. McDonald's coffee is not bitter at all.

In Closing

This was my first visit to a McDonald's in quite some time. I was interested in going again due to the recent advertising that was broadcast on the radio. The Breakfast Burrito seemed appealing so I gave it a try. It was very good. I would recommend this product to others. The coffee was excellent. McDonald's always seems to do a great job of providing quality food to a large number of people.