McDonald's Pedometer


There are a few good things to say about this pedometer I suppose. At least McDonald's is trying to clean up their act and provide healthy alternatives to their horribly unhealthy food products. If you're a poor bastard who can't afford a good pedometer watch then the price of this pedometer is going to really make you smile.


At just three dollars you can't expect this pedometer to perform very well and guess what, it doesn't. The sensitivity is completely off. I counted my own steps up to 10 and looked the pedometer, it said I had taken 15! That's way too many extra steps.

But what can you expect from this pedometer really? It's a novelty item just like any of the toys in the Happy Meals. You're buying it to say that you bought fitness equipment from a fast food chain and they're laughing all the way to the bank.

Full Review

Oh McDonald's, how I love the way you try to spin your image.

The world is going healthy crazy and the fast food chains are starting to notice a drop in their fatty sales revenue. When the world is obese you can't be peddling massive burgers with processed cheese and deep fried potatoes. Well, you can because a lot of people don't care about being grossly over weight but for the most part people want to live longer lives.

The McDonald's pedometer is one of those marketing ploys that makes absolutely no sense. It's like they are saying: "Here, eat our foods that will make you fat and then buy this pedometer to knock the pounds off so you can do it again!" Good job, Micky D's, form that vicious circle and monopolize the markets on both healthy behaviors and unhealthy behaviors.

In Closing

I just feel bad for those people who actually purchase this little pedometer thinking that it is going to help them lose weight. No, a pedometer watch you bought at the neighborhood burger joint isn't going to do you much good. You have to stop going to McDonald's entirely and never look back! That's the only way it will help you lose weight.

At least there is one good thing to be said, now you'll know how many steps it takes for you to be out of breath after eating three big Macs. Right?