Visiting London


McIntosh’s London #1 The Science Museum

I was born in London in the summer in 1951 and unknown to my parents would mean I would be a teenager growing up in the swinging sixties; this series of articles will not be about a teenager living in London in these wild times.

In the early sixties I was too young to be involved in the clubs and Carnaby Street, I was living on a Council Estate in the East End in London and my whole life was sport and the discovering of London.

Living on the Estate we all had a redeemed group of Friends and all of the same age or similar, our parents gave us all a licence to go out alone and believe it or not we was responsible, our School Holidays would be replaying the sporting event of that week in the enclosed grass area of the Estate, Winter Holidays obviously Football, Summer Cricket and Tennis when Wimbledon was on the TV.

Our greatest adventures were when we started to all go out alone into the centre of London and we discovered Museums, Buildings, Parks and just London in General,

These articles will be about the London I visited and enjoyed as a young Boy in London.

Museums were our greatest loves and looking back was possibly quite strange for young rough and ready boys from the East End my favourite was the Science Museum in Kensington which possibly was the inspiration in my search for knowledge.

The Science Museum is situated on Exhibition Road just a short walk from South Kensington underground Station,

 Its origins began in the Great Exhibition in 1851 and its popularity and the suggestion of its patron Prince Albert had it moved to the permanent position where it could maintain its educational value.

My greatest memories are still of this museum and years later while in the early stages of being an apprentice after leaving School I worked in the Museum, the early memories came flooding back but now I was seeing exhibits through a young man’s eyes.

 Years later my pleasure continued when I took my Son to visit the places I went as a Boy it was like going back in time a good analogy for a Science Museum.

I had now visited the Museum in three stages of my Life, a young Boy, a young Man and a Father and on each occasion my pleasure had been equalled   

This is still an amazing Museum for both Adults and Children and a complete must for parents to introduce their Children to the Education of Museum with both permanent and semi-permanent displays with entrance still free in charge.

Hopefully these articles will show parts of London that are not only educational and fun but also inexpensive Days when visiting London with Children who are also fun for Families

 The first in a series of articles of places of interest in London for families and Children who are inexpensive educational, fun and informative, all based on my memories of a young Boy growing up in the Capital

 David McIntosh