Fun, helpful, free and cheap apps, so much to do!


Very short battery life, screen gets really smudgy

Full Review

My wonderful husband got me an Ipod Touch last Valentine's day. Initially I thought it was cool because I knew I could get lots of music on it and play some pretty sweet games. Little did I know that it would become my constant companion and the source of MUCH entertainment for me.

The first wonderful thing I noticed I could do was check my email. The Ipod connected to the wireless internet in my house and I was live with Yahoo! As if that wasn't enough I noticed an icon for YouTube and decided to check that out. Next thing I knew I was watching Merlin on my Ipod while my daughter was watching Yo Gabba Gabba on the television. This was a great feature for me because it allowed me to watch some of my favorite shows while laying in my bed at night. And then my laptop conked out and I was without a was devastating!! Then I decided to see just how much my Ipod could do and touched the icon marked, "Safari." Suddenly I was on the internet and checking my bank account balance, getting on Facebook and I even applied for a job online!!!!

There are so many great apps that can get for the Ipod Touch and so many of them are free or dirt cheap. One of my favorites is Angry Birds. It's a game where you slingshot chickens at structures made out of glass and wood to try to knock them over - what's not fun about that?? Another great one is Skee Ball, who doesn't love that game? A good one for pranks is called Atmoic Fart which has such features as the fart randomizer and a Simon Says style of game but with flatulence! I also have the WebMD app so when I'm feeling a little like a hypochondriac I can check my symptoms right there! The latest one I found was the All Recipes app. This one has a recipe spinner where I pick the course, ingredient and how long I have to cook and it brings up the top recipes in that category. I've found some new family favorites with this little gem.

I actually can't remember the last time I listened to music on my Ipod Touch but it's an awesome little machine and one of the best gifts I've ever gotten.

In Closing

All in All I use my Ipod Touch more than I use my computer. It's been great for playing games on while I'm feeding my baby and also waiting at the doctor's office. I can't remember what I did before this device and I hope I never have to live without it!