Sushi at Lake Havasu

First sushi experience at Lake Havasu in Arizona

We rolled into the Grand Canyon State at midday on June 11,  outside temperature was at 105 degree Fahrenheit and the air conditioning inside out little Nissan was blasting max.  Even though the trip was not as long as expected, 5 hours in the car is still an exhausting experience.  By the time I snapped the picture of a sign welcoming us into town, my tummy was also making an announcement that it's my feeding time.  Glancing quickly at the watch, I groaned to my 2 teammates to find a place to eat and didn't received any argument.

Sho-Gun conveniently located right off the 95 highway at the corner of Swanson Ave. and Nathan quickly pulled the car into the parking lot while happily chirping that we'll have Sushi because he feels like it.  I don't have a problem with that.  The changes in temperature when we stepped out of the car was shocking and we quickly get inside the restaurants to avoid the heat.  No one was there to great us until Rey tapped on the reception table and young waitress appeared; she smile and indicate for us to seat wherever we like.  For lunch, the place was rather empty with only 1 gentlement at the bar and another older couples in the far corner.   We claimed a table with open view to the TV to better watch the recap of the Europe cup.

Our first menu has no sushi, I can't express enough how upsetting that was to Nathan, who decided to take matter into his own hands and go find a sushi menu, of which he was successful and came back with two.  They are what they are, listing of sushi dishes without any explaination of what's involved, so we order the safest items, which general, should be standard across most sushi restaurants: one caterpillar and one yellow fin tuna on dragon roll.

The first dissappointment is that the dragon roll is not spicy and the second complain is that there are only 5 pieces.  To be entirely honest, at $15.00 each we were expecting about 8 pieces per plate instead, but that was not the case.  Rey went for a simple brocoli beef stir fried with rice and that was a bit pricey as well.  To compensate for the small plates, Nathan ended up ordering another sushi roll and out came the shrimp tempura, another 5 pieces.  Our lunch total about $70 including gratuity and some unsatisfaction on our part as we left the restaurant.  It was not that the sushi are bad or the service was horrible, but rather the expectation was not met.  Rarely does an eating experience give me a sense of incompleteness as this one did on that afternoon.  But between sushi and the McDonald next door, we can't say that we regret out choice for food, just not as satisfied and of course, the hunger returns about 2 hours later.  Quite inconvenience, indeed.