Nectar Of The Hops

Nectar Of The Hops is a unique honey wine/mead from Redstone Meadery in Boulder, Colorado which combines a mildly sweet, 8% alcohol honey wine made from clover and wildflower honey with a dry-hopped addition of hops to add hop aroma without bitterness. It is distributed to numerous states and can be shipped to some states as well.

A Description From The Creator

Tasting Notes

For me the beverage seemed to have only minimal sweetness--it seemed drier than it really is, which isn't a problem for me as I like dry mead. A bit of honey flavor up front with a very complex aftertaste from the floral components of the honey and citrus notes from the hops.

No obvious bitterness, which is the intent with the dry-hopping (adding at the end of the process instead of early, which imparts bitterness). Some slight astringency which, when paired with the heady aroma and carbonation, made it seem incredibly effervescent and lighter than air (luckily, it wasn't actually lighter than air).

The floral nature is complicated--there are so many components to this when it comes to wildflower honey that it's hard to pick them apart--and very pleasant. I'd like to see a version made someday with orange blossom honey and a citrus-forward hop like Citra to narrow down the flavor profile a bit, but the current product is highly unique and very enjoyable. Apparently, they are winning awards with this creation and it's easy to see why.

Redstone's honey wines are free of sulfites and gluten. Most are likely very low in tannin as well, with the exception of the Pinot Noir Pyment (Mead + Grapes).


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  • Pyment (mead with grapes)
    • White Pyment--mead with white wine grapes
    • Pinot Pyment--mead with pinot noir grapes (very dry and somewhat tannic--one of my favorites)
  • Redtstone Reserve (strong, aged meads)
    • Cyser (mead plus apples)
    • Traditional (aged, sweet mead)
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