Sat Morning Re-runs will never be the same.

The next time you watch your favourite flick or witness Hannah Montana and Raven contemplate a crisis in the middle of their school hallway; take a look at the other students, in the background.

Where did they come from? Where are they going? To class? To lunch? Chances are they’ve just been cued by one of the assistant directors to walk, strut, or casually glide behind the main actors in the scene. Why? Well, a high school would look pretty silly with no other students around except Chelsea, Eddie, and Ms. Baxter. As so, would Cady Heron’s high school hallways, classrooms, prom, and house party that she has while her parents are away,  in the feature film Mean Girls.

Based on a book by Rosalind Wiseman, written for the screen by Tina Fey, and directed by Mark Waters, Mean Girls stars: Linsday Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert, and Amanda Seyfried. Cady Heron (Lohan) enters the jungles of high school, having spent the last 15 years in Africa and in home-school. She soon finds out that the African jungle is nothing compared to that of present-day high school cliques.

Being a background extra in Mean Girls was a really fun experience. Shot in the fall of 2003, when I was 26, I played a high school student whose main job it was to walk the halls, dance at the prom, and duke it out with other junior and senior girls while being soaked to the bone. The best part was making up your own short actions during shooting. During a staged ‘book stealing’ scene, another extra and I actually made the director Mark Waters laugh out loud! ‘Okay, you can’t laugh!’ was the response from a well-known main actress in the scene. ‘I can’t help it, those two extras are hilarious!’ replied Waters. 

Most of the days began at 7am. I usually showed up 15-20 minutes early because it took time to find my friends, grab some tea, and sign in. After signing in with the extras holding supervisor and receiving my voucher my next stop was usually hair, make-up, and wardrobe. A little ironing of the hair, glossing of the lips and I am 15 again. Funny, I never did that when I actually was 15. I was also never part of any one clique in my high school either. We’ve just got to understand that there are cliques everywhere, on set is no different, except actors tend to be a lot nicer.