When you think of promise rings what exactly comes to mind? A promise can involve many things, but most importantly – it is a pact between two people. There really is no right or wrong when it comes to promise rings, and there are plenty of different things they can represent. Whatever they mean, the wearer of them is often very attached to the promise behind the ring, and it acts as a daily visual reminder of that commitment. This article will shine some light on the different types of promises held by these rings and what exactly each one involves.


One of the most common reasons for giving a promise ring is to promise monogamy. Promise rings that act as a pre-engagement ring are very common for couples. Whether getting engaged is still a bit far down the line or “marriage” simply isn’t something that the couple feels is needed – a promise ring will show that they are “promising themselves” to one another. Promise rings are often eventually replaced by an engagement ring, but for those who aren’t interested in getting married – that is the only symbol that they need. By promising to remain faithful to one another, the ring is sealing that bond of commitment.


Promise rings also commonly represent a young person’s commitment to remain pure until marriage. In some cases, the parent provides the ring to their son or daughter, asking them to agree to abstain from sex until marriage. Usually, this is followed by some type of religious ceremony where the child makes a pact with God to remain pure until they are married. In other cases, a young person may seek out a “purity ring” on their own. Whether it be their own beliefs or encouragement from a parent - promise rings that represent abstinence have become increasingly popular over the past few years.


For those struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, promise rings can mark a very important turning point in their life. If a person has agreed to be sober and overcome their addiction, a promise ring can act as a daily reminder of the promise they have made to themselves, their family, and their friends to get better and stop using. Promise rings, in this sense, have a very powerful meaning. Often, having a physical reminder of the things they have overcome can help to fight temptation if it does arise. This can be very helpful for anyone who has recently become sober or has trouble resisting the pressures that face recovering addicts.

An All-Around Powerful Meaning

Regardless of which of these the ring is meant to represent, all promise rings show a very powerful and special commitment. Whether it’s religious or personal, having that ring there every step of the way can be a great visual reminder of the promises one has made. Promise rings can be passed down through generations and the stories can be shared for many years to come. It doesn’t matter why you wear it – all that matter is… you wear it.