As we live our lives and spend our time in doing the daily routine of our lives do we really understand the purpose we are here on this earth. What is that sole reason to do all the daily activities?

Sometimes back to me life was to go to school learn things, on my way back to home chit-chat with my friends. Later in the evening do home work-study, memorize a few things every day. Speak to my mom and sister and then go to bed. Annually prepare for exams and have a hard struggling time.

And few years later it become going to college having fun in the campus canteen, going for movies, going back home at 3 and thinking what shall I do now and then moving to the market for a fewgolpappas. And then studying very hard during the exams times.

All these times with the ample and unused time I had with myself I asked myself what is the purpose for my life? As a common teenager question what will I do after my school? What subject will I pursue after college. I always questioned myself what is that interests me the best or I can do. But my more confusion I enjoyed everything and I wanted to be anything and everything. Sometime collapsed and I finally saw myself doing Masters in Finance and to the highest joy I felt I have discovered the purpose to my life to a job, follow a given routine and earn money and engage myself in it.

One day to my utter surprise I got married and I leave my so assumed, we cherished life. That is I leave my job and agree to go a land where I felt my routine will be soon easily set up. But as the saying stands true Life is much smarter than us it give us what we need and not what we wish for. I desired my life in happy job.

I must agree that life was very happy when I committed myself to routine and with sheer no routine I am after wandering for a long time  understand that I have the power to realize a mission so that there is no inferior feeling to realize happiness which lies in me deep inside. The quote say if you feel life is unpleasant it will feel so and if you feel file is full of joys and happiness spring will come your way. Reach out to the potentials in life. Best said spend time with yourself and ask what is that I need to do to make change surely that very day you will get an answer you will find opportunity falling your way.

As I had after being computer literate for years today only I learned about Infobarrel and this is happened to me only because I deep engraved myself today.