When thinking about that perfect Christmas gift for the kids in your life, think about gifts that are meaningful, will bring future blessings and give the child lasting memories.  Gifts like these don’t necessarily require a lot of money, but will include time, effort and creativity on your part. 


Money is a gift that is sometimes given directly to children which may get spent on toys, candy and fun stuff.  And while toys and candy in moderation are not bad, there are better choices.  Think about giving money as Christmas gifts for kids via their parents into their savings accounts or for starting a college savings plan for them for their future.  Think about gifts that will have lasting sentimental value such as a United States Mint Proof coin set in the year of their birth, maybe a special family heirloom passed down through the generations or perhaps a specially made wood craft item.  There are many options, but these are the types of gifts that while given to / for the child are not placed in to the hands and possession of the child until he or she is older and will take care of them.


When considering Christmas gift ideas for children, consider also showing them the gift of giving.  You can do this by giving them money that they will give directly to a charity of their choice and to those less fortunate.  Or the children can use the money to select buy gifts and necessities for other less fortunate children in the community or as with one of the seasonal Christmas shoebox programs.  Children are usually big givers in general and this is something they would love to participate in that could be done while with their family and friends.


Children love and crave time and attention from the adults and loved ones in their lives, so one of the most valuable and quite possibly the perfect Christmas gift you can give to them is your time.  This does not necessarily have to be some formalized agreement that you promise to spend a certain amount of time with them but simply the decision that you make to yourself that you will spend meaningful, quality time with them.  This could look like taking them out to the lake to go fishing for the day and to miniature golf at night.  It could be taking them to a local fair and riding all the rides and eating tons of unhealthy fair foods.  What ever it looks like it should be rich, genuine time living life with them doing something he or she likes to do.


The purpose of this article is not to say that toys are bad and shouldn’t be given to children as Christmas gifts, it’s just to offer other more meaningful options that could be considered as Christmas gift ideas for children that leave lasting memories.