For most parents, their children are the world to them and so most of what they do, whether it’s working in their career, buying groceries, financial management, planning trips and vacations, is in large part for their children.  Parents truly give of themselves to their children and so when choosing the right Christmas gift for them it is good and right to give to them something that would truly be a blessing to them, not only so they can enjoy it but that it may also be a blessing to their family.  As an adult friend or family member when you realize this, you have the unique ability to truly give them something their younger children could not.


When thinking about Christmas gifts for parents of young children, think about what are their goals and dreams in life.  At some point they have likely shared some of these with you.  Consider a parent who working hard at a job he or she does not really like and does not pay so well, but would like to pursue a dream career but needs to take some classes or get a certification.  If able to you could provide a financial gift to help in full or partially pay for this education or you could commit to babysitting the children while he or she is in class.  Maybe some good friends of yours, a married couple who has a few children, are trying to save up for a multi-day family vacation to the mountains, perhaps instead of giving them stuff, you could give them money to be used for that vacation.  For your friends and family members that are parents of young children, you might even consider helping them with family chores, such as doing some yard work, buying groceries or helping them by cooking for them for a few evenings.  These are unconventional and out of the box and yet meaningful Christmas gift ideas but ones that would certainly be appreciated.


Parents of young children are very busy with life and work and so time is a very precious commodity.  Time is something they do not have a lot of, especially for themselves.  Giving the parents of young children the gift of time for them to pursue rest or interests or in the case of a couple, time together away from the kids is a great Christmas gift idea.  You could do this by simply helping them carry their responsibilities for a day, a weekend or more.  This could look like, babysitting the kids while their Mom and Dad go out for the evening or out of town for a few days.  This could look like taking over some of the daily chores and responsibilities for a stay at home Mom so she can go out to a spa or shopping for the day.  This could look like taking the kids out to the museum for the day (this could also be a Christmas gift to the children) so the parents can have a day to themselves.  There are many possibilities and with a little creative thinking you can come up with ideas for meaningful Christmas gifts for your family and friends that are parents of young children.  Parents of course love and cherish their children but sometimes they just need some time away from them so they can not only be better people but better parents and you could provide that for them as a gift.