beaded curtains

This is the most important part before you put up your beaded curtains is to get the measurements correct other wise things can look a bit nasty to say the least. On the other hand if you decide to do it the old fashion way and ram nails or screws into the frame of your door than it may look unprofessional and can leave unnecessary holes in the wood but it really depends how long you intend to leave them up for and the damage you are willing to inflict on your window or door frame. To avoid any unnecessary damage to your frame you can put up a custom wood to hang your bead curtain from by simply adding a piece of custom wood the size and width of the door or window frame as I will explain more in this article.

You can purchase railings from any curtain shop and ask the store owner if they have any with the right measurements to suite your needs. But if you intend to use railings to hold up your beaded curtain than you might want to consider purchasing beads with a lighter weight as the more beads you attach, the more weight it will have to hold. Or you may not even have to by them if you have existing railings that can be customized to fit.

As we discussed before another option is to find or buy a piece of wood that measures the same length of your door frame and about a width of say 2 inches thick this can be easily held in by three screws depending on the length, other wise if it is longer than a normal door frame you may need more screws. For the purpose of a door just simply add two screws to each end and one in the middle.

Than you can add the nails or screws to that piece of wood as you need to, to put up your beaded curtain. To make it look the part you could also sand the wood down and varnish it to suite the door frame to give it a more blended look. What ever the case the most important thing is to get you measurements right before putting up your bead curtain the rest of the process is fairly easy, as long as you have prepared yourself and have all the necessary measurements and materials at hand before starting you project.