Do you have itchy fingers when you see broken engines and other mechanical parts, and think that you have this thing and skill for working with cars and other automotive machines of the like, and that you cannot get a decent job just because employers think you lack knowledge and experience?  If that’s the case, you should think about mechanic apprenticeship. Not only will mechanic apprenticeship give you the chance to do what you love on a regular basis, being a mechanic and working with cars and other automotives, you will also acquire  the credibility you need when looking for a decent job in the future.

It is very apparent that transportation is a basic need for anyone, and to keep up, one has to know how to drive and operate, maintain and manage transport machines. Of course, you may think that driving lessons, offered in both high school, college and in private driving schools will suffice, but driving lessons won’t teach you how to fix broken radiators. Will driving lessons tell you what to do if your car suddenly stops due to engine failure in the middle of the Arizona desert? Will driving lessons let you know what tools you should bring every time you go out on a drive, in case of emergency? The answer to these questions is no, usually. Not only will mechanic apprenticeship teach you how to operate mechanical automobiles, you will get the knowledge you need in working with the mechanical parts of automotive machines.

What more can mechanic apprenticeship do for you?

As the term itself implies, when you opt for mechanic apprenticeship, you get to work under the direct supervision of an expert, in this case a master mechanic. An apprentice refers to a trainee that is learning the job through experience. The mentor should take it as his responsibility to train the protegé and give opportunities to hone his/her skills. After finishing with mechanic apprenticeship, you can work in a very wide range of diverse industries, ranging from automotive to production facilities.

While mechanic apprenticeship, or any other kind of apprenticeship, was traditionally restricted to men, today both men and women can pursue a mechanic apprenticeship position. And unlike before, the apprentice does not necessarily have to live with the master mechanic or tradesman. Several states and countries require only high school education to go through mechanic apprenticeship, and if you do not enjoy learning that is restricted to the classroom and is chock-full with theories, mechanic apprenticeship should be very nice for you.

In mechanic apprenticeship, there are three basic tasks you have to do regularly: cleaning, observing and practicing. Although not exactly very glamorous (and hygienic, for that matter), cleaning is a great way for you to start with mechanic apprenticeship, as you can observe and gauge all the different positions in the company, get to build professional and cordial relationships with different people, find out where you can find everything, and get used to a work environment.

When you are cleaning, your employer can evaluate your work ethic. This way, your employer can see if you are either diligent or indolent. The hardworking apprentice who accepts his/her task, no matter how menial it is will be seen as a perfect candidate who has the required attitude to be a careful and successful person who will be running the company sooner or later. On the other hand, an apprentice that refuses to work hard, puts forth mediocre effort and makes a lot of alibis will not have a chance of making it.

Majority of master mechanics will create learning programs and activities for their apprentices. For the whole duration of mechanic apprenticeship, the mentor is expected to take time before he/she can teach a new skill or concept to the apprentice to make room for understanding, honing and mastery. While inspecting the apprentice’s finished product and going through the quality of his/her work, the master mechanic is to give instruction and constructive comments when needed and review the concepts and lessons learned. And hopefully, after the mechanic apprenticeship is finished, the student will have learned all the skills needed to be a successful mechanic.

Generally, the people who enjoy their experience in mechanic apprenticeship are inclined toward mechanic processes, enjoy and are good at problem solving and work well with people.

Tips in mechanic apprenticeship

First of all, you should respect the people you’re working with. Be friendly, but do not be too cocky. That way, you will be seen as a sociable person who’s not hard to work with. Then, never say no to a job except if you have an emergency, or if you are physically unable.


If you want to be successful, you have to start from the bottom and work your way to the top. One way to do this is through mechanic apprenticeship.