It may be hard to believe that the city that never sleeps, New York City is deprived with mechanical bull riding amusements but that is true! There are only two known places in Manhattan where you can experience southwestern foods with mechanical bull as the center of attraction. If you are looking for fun and excitement, then come and visit one of these mechanical bull bars in New York City or watch other cowboys and cowgirls mount to a mechanical bull for fun.


Mechanical Bull


The very first bar/restaurant to offer mechanical bull riding experience, Johnny Utah's opened in the mid 2007 with urban cowboy setting. The foods are great, mostly southwestern style food. It is located in Rockefeller Center at #25 West 51st Street.

Johnny Utah's is open every day.

11:30pm-2:00am Monday-Friday

5:00pm-3:00am Saturdays

11:30am-3:00am Sundays

Bull riding starts at 7:30pm and is a free ride on a first come first serve basis. You need to be at least 18 years or older with picture ID to ride the mechanical bull.

Johnny Utahs



Located in lower east side Manhattan at 133 Essex Street, Mason Dixon opened in 2008 offering southern-style saloon. Aside from the mechanical bull, Mason Dixon has fine collection of Bourbons and great foods. The bar is open everyday from 6pm till 4am except Monday. Bull hours during Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays starts at 8pm until 1am. Fridays and Saturdays bull riding starts at 7:30pm until 3:30am. Bull ride is $5 per ride. Ladies ride free on Sundays with purchase of a drink.


Although riding a mechanical bull is nothing like the real bull with sharp horns and bad attitude, it still requires skills and technique to avoid being thrown off immediately. Use your thighs to press against the bull tightly. Hold onto the bull using your stronger hand with palm facing away from you. Keep your arms in the air and upper body loose to help balance your weight. Remember to let go when you know you're about to go down to avoid potential injury. Jumping off will not only help you better prepare for a good landing, it could also make your fall look more graceful rather than get thrown face down with broken bones.


If you are a woman, you may find it easier to stay longer on top of the bull because people would like to see women ride the bull so the operator will most likely go easier on you and not because you are skillful. Wear shorts or pants and sports bra if you see fit as it will surely save you from embarrassment.


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