Medicaid free cell phone and service is actually something you can easily get under the Life Line Federal government cell phone program and being that you are on welfare assistance, you can rest assure that you will qualify for a 250 minutes monthly plan with no hassle and with an easy application process

Most people have no idea that this free mobile phone plan even exists. They end up spending on average more than $50 dollars a month on expensive voice and data plans to only find out that it’s cutting into money that they could be using for other things like food and living expenses. Let’s face it, everyone needs a mobile phone.

It’s a downright necessity since most people no longer even have a fixed line phone. With a Lifeline  phone, you can sleep easy at night knowing that you won’t have to ever pay a monthly mobile bill again.

The Lifeline mobile phone program was enacted during the Regan administration. It allowed for equal and fair access to telephone services for all people. Poor people need phones just as much as those who can afford $50-$100 dollar monthly phone bills.

Being on Medicaid makes you automatically eligible for the free phone service. In fact any of the below programs, automatically qualifies you for an absolutely free cell phone, no questions asked.

  • Federal Public Housing
  • Food Stamps
  • Social Security
  • SSI
  • Free Lunch Program
  • Medicaid

You should even know that the coverage is typically backed by reputable service providers like Sprint and Verizon. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about being on shoddy no name cellular network. Your free cell phone calls are routed over the top wireless providers in the nation.

And applying for a government cell phone is really easy. All you have to do is visit a website like Assurance Wireless, Budget Mobile or Safelink Wireless to sign up. You’ll want to put in your zipcode to make sure your state actually is set up for the program. Typically most of the 50 states are. But some have varying requirements. However, all states accept medicaid as a free mobile phone for poor people requirement.

So you’re probably interested in what you actually get for a free wireless phone. In fact, most people think that they get a used phone and very little calling features. Well, that simply isn’t the case. You’ll get a free NEW phone.

And these below features are included:

  • A mobile phone for free
  • 250 monthly minutes
  • No contract
  • Free 611 Customer Service Calls
  • Emergency calls
  • Three Way calls
  • VM
  • Call waiting

You’ll also be pleased to know that you’ll never be asked to sign a contract. But you will have to renew your service monthly, by just certifying that you’re still on Medicaid or some other qualifying government program.

The only downside to these federal government free phone programs, is that you won’t be able to use data devices. You’ll be provided a phone that doesn’t do any internet streaming. However, in many cases text messaging is also included in the no cost phone program.

What do you think about the Medicaid free cell phone and service?