How Much Do Medical Coders Make in California?

A person who has a health coding certification is more likely to get a higher salary than one who is not certified, this is according to the American Academy of Professional Coders. According to statistics from 2010, a person who had a health coding certification got a mean pay of $45,404 annually in comparison with the annual salary of $37,746 that a non-certified coder was paid.  There are so may schools that offer Certified Medical Coding and Billing education, that it is really to your advantage to make sure you attend one.

So What Determines the Salary of A Medical Coding Specialist?

  • Education- Medical coders need a type of training before they engage in the career. To improve their earnings they may get additional certifications, which is much simpler than increasing the level of education.
  • Location or Area- There are given areas and states that have a large demand for Medical Coders and in regard to this do pay more in order to attract more people into the field. There is reason to believe that some of the best medical coding job areas are in the state of California, where the mean wage per hour is up to $24.95, according to
  • Experience/Length of Time in The Profession- As the medical coder gets more job experience; they in turn command a much higher salary. Hourly rates for Medical Coders start at $10  to $14. After  1 to 4 years of experience, the rates rise to $12 to $16. After 5 to  9 years of experience, the rates rise to $14 to $19. This rate accounting for experience rises to $15 to $20 after 10 to 19 year in the industry. Lastly, more than twenty year medical coders get an hourly rate of $$16 - $22.
  • How Qualified Are You?- Medical Coders may opt for any of the certification levels such as certified professional coder, paying $15 to $19 per hour; certified coding specialist, $14 -to $20; registered health information technician, $11 to $22; certified coding associate, $14 to $17; and medical billing and coding certified, $10 to $15. Different qualifications command different salaries.
  • Position- Coding salaries differ the specialty the coder codes. Based on the data from the American Academy of Professional Coders 2008 coder survey, the best paid coders worked with Neuropsychiatry and receive an average of $62,500 annual salary while those in Rheumatology get around $57,800; Nephrology around $50,900; Plastic Surgery around $47,200; and Interventional Radiology somewhere in the ballpark of $47,100.


How Much Do Medical Coders With Health Coding Certification Really Make?

Based on reports from the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), there are various types of certifications and they include certifications for coding associates, professionals and specialists working in different health care facilities. Various levels of certification levels, location and experience all affect average salaries. The mean average pay for the  professionals who have a Health Coding Certification is about  $45,404, based on a 2010 research by the AAPC. Comparatively, for people with no certification, the mean salary is $37,746 based on the same survey results.

What Can I Expect To Make Depending on Certification?

Certification is another major determinant of salary, someone who has an entry-level credential (CCA - Certified Coding Associate) gets less pay than someone with master level credential, either CCS-P (Certified Coding Specialist - Physician office) or CCS (Certified Coding Specialist). The mean salaries by certification as of 2010, according to AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association), were: CCA - $36,893, CCS - P - $55,673 and CCS - $57,872.

What Can I Expect To Make Depending on The Industry I Work in?

Another determinant is the industry in which an individual works. Overall, government jobs will offer a much higher pay the private jobs. According to the AHIMA as of year 2010, Home health or hospice - $41,415, Clinics or physicians office - $45,574, Ambulatory surgery centers - $43,070, acute care hospitals - $55,218 and Educational institutions - $58,039.

What Role Does Location Play In My Overall Salary?

Location is a partial determinant of salary, there are areas including West Coast and northeast which normally pay higher rates. Based on AAPC, medical coders in the following California cities had a mean of  $55,164.

So What Are Examples of Salaries In California?

This information is ccording to Jan Jacobs, a Medical Coding expert on her website.

Los Angeles – Long Beach – Santa Ana, CA-

Is among the highly populated cities of California, this area has 5,730 medical billers and coders, the average hourly and annual pay is $18.33 and $38,140, respectively. The best  10% of employees earn $60,580 and the bottom 10% get paid $22,840.

Los Angeles – Long Beach – Glendale, CA Metropolitan Division

These parts of California have employed 4,410 billers and coders and pay them hourly rate of $18.33, or $38,120 yearly. The best 10 percent of employees earn $60,910 while the last 10 percent get $22,910.

San Diego – Carlsbad – San Marcos, CA

The area has a relatively high number of medical billers and coders, 1,500 but their average wage is less than in other cities at $17.56 an hour amounting $36,530 per year, the top 10% earn $54,950, while the bottom 10% get $23,330 yearly.

San Francisco – San Mateo – Redwood City, CA Metropolitan Division

This houses just 740 medical billers and coders but offers them the best hourly wage in California at $22.26 per hour amounting to $46,300 annually.

Santa Ana – Anaheim – Irvine, CA Metropolitan Division

This area has 1,320 medical billers and coders who get a mean hourly pay of $18.35 which amounts to $38,170 annually. The best 10% make $59,920 and the last10% make $22,720.

Riverside – San Bernardino – Ontario, CA

This is a region in California region that has employed 1,440 medical billers and coders who get $18.91 which amounts to $39,320 annually. The best 10% of employees get $60,220 and the last 10% get $22,120.

San Jose – Sunnyvale – Santa Clara, CA

This area employs just 610 billers and coders, but they get a higher median hourly and annual wage-the wages are $22.81 per hour amounting to $47,450 annually. The best 10% of the wage earners get $66,100 and the last 10% get $33,570.

Oakland – Fremont – Hayward, CA Metropolitan Division

The best 10% of the area’s 1,180 billers and coders get $65,590 annually and the last 10% get make $23,470. Their mean hourly wage is $20.10 amounting to $41,810 each year.

San Francisco – Oakland – Fremont, CA

This region has employed 1,920 billing and coding experts whose hourly rates $20.93 amounting to $43,540 annually. The best 10% make $66,420 and the last 10% gets $24,210 annually.

Sacramento – Arden – Arcade – Roseville, CA

This area has 650edical billers and coders and they get an hourly and yearly wage of $20.20 and $42,020, each. The best 10% of coders get $66,300 while the last 10% make $25,970.