I Need To Find a Good Medical Coding and Billing School In California

Finding the right Medical Coding and Billing School in California to complete your certification is the first step to making sure that you have a successful career in the Medical Coding and Billing field. In terms of quality Medical Coding and Billing Schools In California, you have a multitude to choose from.


Quality Medical Coding and Billing Schools In California

Loma Linda University, Coding Specialist -This is a certificate program which is nine months in duration and covers such classes as: healthcare records, ICD-9 coding, the new ICD-10 coding, CPT coding, E&M coding, federal and state coding regulations, prospective payment systems, and coding practical. Tuition is paid quarterly. The cost in the first year is $2,200 for 10 units, the second $3,520 for 16 units, and the third only $880 for 4 units. The grand total is $6,600.

Cosumnes River College, Health Information Coding Specialist- This is a recognized certificate program that covers several topics including; Advanced ICD coding, Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding, and an intro to both spreadsheets and database management. Successful achievement of the certificate prepares a student for licensing. This is a short program which is spread over four semesters and priced at $927.

Dawn Career Institute Online- For more than three decades now, Dawn Career Institute has been in the lead in the provision of career-focused training which gives the graduates an allowance to achievement of success.  Being an online student will allow you the exact quality of education as that the on-campus students enjoy, but here there is an extra benefit in that the training adequately fits into your busy schedule. Regardless of your full-time job, or other entitlements, you will fully meet your educational goals by getting adequate training from any place at any time.

Institute of Technology- here you will acquire all the education and the relevant skills that will help you become a medical billing/coding specialist that holds a well career-focused training from this Institute. They offer a wide coverage program that assists the students to be very proficient in the application the various versions of the medical manager software and the ICD-9 and CPT-4 coding software. They will also offer you training on the related terminology and insurance billing processes.

This program has been put together to prepare you for a challenging career in Medical Coding and Billing.  Since you will come out of the institution as a highly specialized billing processor who has the ability to carry out the various tasks in any health care institution, you will be an asset to any company. Medical billing/coding specialists ensure that the financial department of a healthcare unit is effective therefore giving allowance for the health care providers to fully focus on attending to patients.

Cosumnes River College's Medical Coding and Billing Programs- the institution is situated in Sacramento which is approximately 40 miles in the north of Stockton, CA, Consumnes River College provides more than 60 certificate, degree and career training programs to around 14,000 students. The medical assisting and health information technology departments offer three recognized programs which are inclusive of instruction in medical coding and billing practices and various other relevant medical and technology skills that make the graduate well updated.

Certificate of Proficiency in Medical Assisting, Medical Insurance Billing, This is a 16-credit program that  prepares students for entry-level positions in medical insurance billing offices. They will learn the basic International Classification of Diseases Clinical Modification (ICD-CM) codes and general medical insurance billing procedures. Additionally, student’s get instructed in basic anatomy and physiology, human diseases, medical terminology and pharmacology.

They offer Certificate of Achievement or Associate of Science in Health Information Coding Specialist in which the students that pursue the two year certificate program are trained on various practical aspects of this course which include how to process, maintain, analyze and distribute medical health information. This program completely  covers of all the medical coding and billing methods and has been well put together. Additionally, it offers the students a basic, as well as an advanced ICD-CM and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding instruction.

Santa Barbara City College's Medical Coding and Billing Program- Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) is located about 79 miles outside of Bakersfield in Santa Barbara, California. This is a beautiful and spacious community college which offers general education and vocational certificates as well as various Associate's degrees. It has a well laid out health information technology department which provides a recognized certificate program in medical coding. They offer Medical Coding Specialist Certificate in which the Courses in the medical coding specialist certificate program which are on offer at  are offered fully over the internet which implies that the learners will have a flexible that will allow them study as they will learn as the move on with their daily activities .
Here the students are taught all they need about various aspects that relate to medical billing including basic medical and pharmacological terminology, patient clinical records, relevant computer applications, data quality, encoders and groupers, disease processes, confidentiality and several other legal aspects of health care. Coding classes also cover ICD-9-CM and CPT/HCPCS diagnostic and procedural coding systems. The graduates are well prepared to take the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) exam from the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). On getting a successful completion of the exam, the individuals get qualified for entry-level positions as medical coders in hospitals, clinics, private physician's offices as well as various other health care settings.
San Joaquin Valley College Medical Coding and Billing Program- San Joaquin Valley College (SJVC) is a private junior college that has  8 campus locations all over northern, southern and central California. This is college which fully focuses on vocational training, providing both certificate and associate degree programs in a several areas that are related to business, health and technology. SJVC's has a medical coding and billing program that is only being offered at its Bakersfield location.
They offer associate in Science: Health Care Insurance Specialist, The College offers a health care insurance specialist program that shares a curriculum with a majority of the medical coding and billing certificate programs. But unlike many of the certificate programs, San Joaquin's associate degree program has been designed to include the required general education courses in English, mathematics and science. The program being offered in Bakersfield culminates in an Associate of Science degree and prepares students to be health insurance specialists by offering instruction in the ICD-9-CM and CPT (current procedural terminology) coding systems it as well includes various courses in other health care topics including medical terminology, office procedures, insurance principles and health industry laws.
Make sure you carefully research any Medical Coding and Billing Program before you attend any one.