Medical devices have evolved rapidly in recent decades, as computerization has allowed for ever-more precise and efficient technology. In today's surgery room, the following five devices are among the most crucial in making the doctor's job easier.

Electrical Sputum Suction Device
Though it doesn't have the most glamorous of functions, the electrical sputum suction device serves a very basic and important job. That is, to remove, quickly and effectively, phlegm, mucus and other thick body secretions that would otherwise clot up passageways and get in the way of a surgical procedure. New sputum suction machines often use oil-free lubricating pumps, which are more eco-friendly.

Surgical Shadow-less Lamp
Despite the fact that a lot of surgical procedures today are performed using precise, electronically controlled tools, the surgeon's ability to physically see what he's doing is still incredibly important. The job of the surgical shadow-less lamp is to provide homogenous lighting that completely illuminates the area that the surgeon is operating on, without casting shadows that might impair the doctor's ability to see.

Medical LCD Screen
High-resolution, high-definition LCD screens are no longer just of the purposes of entertainment. Recently, they have started to be incorporated in the surgery room, and have become one of the most useful new tools that surgeons have to work with. LCD screens let doctors see detailed and accurate images of the surgery as they perform it, and they can even move the images around on the screen for convenience.

Vital Signs Monitor
The vital signs monitor is the large machine with the multiple monitors and electrodes that are hooked up to the patient and that monitor his or her vital signs. During surgery, having the the newest cardiology equipment is crucial in keeping doctors informed as to any changes that might occur to the critical condition of the patient.

Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer
This device, which resembles a small refrigerator, is used to sterilize medical instruments used in the surgery room. Every object in a surgery room (which goes without saying is a highly sensitive environment) must be thoroughly sterilized to prevent any possible infections. The low temperature plasma sterilizer uses gas plasma, which lets it treat heat-sensitive instruments. The ionized gases used are safe for humans.