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Every medical school is different from another and you will actually find that specific schools have specific styles of interviewing. Some may actually make things simple for you while others will literally try to make you uncomfortable just to see how to react to the pressure.

Medical School Interview Tips

Some things remain the same no matter what medical school you are trying out for. The interviewers will expect you to be punctual and confident and they also want to see an intelligent person get into their schools. Here are a few general tips that you should follow:

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  • Never Be Late: This is an important tip. If you turn up late the interviewers will just end up thinking that this interview isn’t that important for you. Some schools might be sterner than others and your application may even be cancelled. So no matter what you have to do – don’t ever be late. 
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  • Greet and Shake: Greeting is an important part of the interview and it is really your first impression. The interviewers expect a confident greeting followed by a steady and secure handshake.
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  • Make Eye Contact: Make eye contact most of the time but don’t just stare at one person continuously. If you don’t make eye contact you will just appear in-confident and insincere but natural eye contact can change the way a person feels about you.
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  • Smile Politely: You should smile because a smile gives the other person the impression that you are trying to connect and that you are polite and a happy person. It can even portray your enthusiasm for the interview.
  • Pause before Responding: Interview questions should not be answered in a way that implies there is some kind of competition. Take a minute to pause before answering – this gives the interviewer the impression that you are trying to come up with an appropriate answer and that you don’t just rush into things.
  • Don’t Start Bragging: It is as simple as that – don’t brag! The problem is that when the pressure of an interview is upon you, you might end up in an uncomfortable lengthy speech about yourself which will not fare well with your audience. To get rid of that, try practicing what you are going to say in front of a mirror or with a friend so you go in prepared.
  • Don’t Be Negative: As a student, the interviewers want you to be positive and full of love for life. So no matter what happens, don’t go in there are talk negatively about something and don’t become all depressed. Also, crying and being too emotional is considered to be a negative attribute so don’t do that either!


If you wish to succeed in an interview you need to be confident and secure in the knowledge that you are an acceptable person. You should stay away from negative thoughts and ideas and negativity in any way should be avoided. Also make sure you go in there with a smile, a greeting and a confident hand shake.