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Medical transcription jobs are some of the popular jobs in the health care arena these days because they have many benefits.  Medical transcription jobs are when someone listens to the tape recordings of doctors and transposes them into written form so they can be entered into a patient’s records.

You have to be able to be a good listener, speak good English, be able to type fast and accurately, and know medical terminology in order to do this job. There are many benefits of a medical transcription job. These include:

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Good Pay and Good Job Outlook – The average pay for medical transcription jobs is between $13 and $20 an hour. The outlook for getting a job in this field is said to be very good and there are many opportunities in different places for getting hired. The U.S. Department of Labor predicts the job of medical transcriptionist will grow in need faster than many other occupations due to an aging public.

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Several places to choose to work from -- You can work either in an office or from home at your own computer. You will be providing transcription services for places like hospitals, clinics, ancillary care facilities, doctors, and other medical facilities. You can even have the advantage of being your own contractor and stating your own business doing this lucrative and important job.

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What about voice recognition software?

In fact, even though some medical transcription jobs were thought to be in jeopardy due to voice recognition software, it was found that humans can of course do the job better, as there are many bugs to work out with these types of computer programs and they make mistakes more often than people and are not considered by doctors to be reliable.

Therefore medical transcription jobs will continue to be in high demand and the computer programs are used by one percent or less by doctors and humans are expected to be needed for years to come. People with the proper certification and training will always be in high demand to do medical transcription jobs. Just be sure to keep up with the current training and updates to stay in demand.

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What about outsourcing fears of medical transcription jobs?

Plus, offshore companies are also not expected to take over the job of medical transcription because they are not required to follow the HIPPA privacy regulations and this means doctors can’t use them since in the US they must comply with these special patient privacy laws. The risk to doctors is too much, so this means that they prefer to hire people in the U.S. who must comply with HIPPA rules.

So, if you are interested in becoming a medical transcriptionist and work in the field of medical transcription jobs, as long as you stay current in your training and are good at your job, you should not have a problem getting hired and keeping a job in this interesting and important field. It has many advantages and the outlook for future work is good!