Medical traveling has become increasingly popular in recent years. As the cost of health in countries like the U.S. and the U.K. has continued to rise, the cost of medical procedures in countries like Thailand and India has remained low as medical standards have continued to rise. Medical tourism can thus save western patients a lot of money, while guaranteeing them a high level of quality medical care. Here is some information on popular medical travel destinations today. Different countries are renowned for having specialists in different fields, so you should choose the country accordingly.

The Middle East

Israel and Jordan are two of the most prominent medical tourism destinations in the Middle East. Many of the patients who go to Israel on medical travel are from the Central European nations, where certain medical procedures are not available. Israel is popular for its in-vitro fertilization treatments and its Dead Sea spa resort, where many patients go to recover.

Jordan is a rapidly growing medical travel industry. Most medical tourists that visit Jordan are from Sudan, Palestine and Iraq. Medical treatments in Jordan can cost 1/4 of what they cost in the U.S.

Latin America

Brazil has long been known as a the cosmetic surgery capital of South America. It generates a significant amount of its capital through foreign patients visiting for cosmetic surgery procedures. For non-cosmetic procedures, though, Brazil is still a relative newcomer to the medical travel industry.

Cuba, however, has been a top, non-cosmetic medical tourism spot for more than four decades. It has experienced doctors, and placid beaches where patients can spend their recovery period. Costs of medical procedures in Cuba are 60% - 80% lower than in the U.S.

Mexico is another top medical tourist destination, that's especially frequented by U.S. residents who have only to cross the border to access cheap and high quality dental and plastic surgery care.


In Asia, Thailand has been a growing attraction for medical tourist. State of the art facilities and patient care that goes above and beyond what many westerns are used to have made Thai hospitals very popular among medical tourists from all over the world. Procedures available include organ transplants, cosmetic surgery, cardiac surgery, and orthopedic treatment.

The Republic of Korea is one Asian nation that has been steadily rising in the field of medical tourism. CNN recently called it one of the "hot destinations" for booking medical travel. Korea is especially popular among Japanese patients looking to get cosmetic surgery procedures done.

India's medical tourism industry is expected to grow at a rate of 30% every year in the next few years. Some of the reasons for India's success include low health care costs combined with adherence to international healthcare standards, as well as the fact that many people in India speak English.