IF you want to to become a good medical biller or coder you will certainly need a lot of training. When you apply for training in any institute for medical billing and coding you will come to know about the different types and what really is entailed in training. Training depends on the particular field of medical billing and coding you are in and you are required to convert theory knowledge you will learn during the classes into the application during training.

You might be well aware of the fact that the medical industry is looking for training medical billers and coders and the projections tell the recruitment of trained billers and coders will increase by 20% in the coming decade. So the importance of medical billing and coding training is pretty clear. Medical billing and coding training can be approached either online or offline programs.  Training is not compulsory for an entry-level job but in order to impress employers and unlock higher monthly salaries no option is better than training.

Best sources to obtain training:

For coders:

Work with AAPC: AAPC or the American Association of professional coders is the best sources for training. All you need to do is work with this association directly and this organization is also the one which organizes certification exams and also grants credentials to CPC, CPC-H, CPC-P and grant credentials in almost 20 specialty fields of medical billing and coding. AAPC is one of the world leaders when it comes to grant certifications. AAPC also offers two standalone training courses which are anatomy and medical terminology. Each of the above two courses requires 2 month period of training and 40 hours independent study minimum.

For billers:

For billers there is also present medical association of billers which provide various training programs for billers. Training programs for billers are divided in categories such as introductory, intermediate and advanced. One can choose any type depending upon your future plans. The advanced category training is for those billers who wish to appear in certification exams and it works like revision before the exam. Billers to get actual experience also work in hospitals and clinics and this type of training is often known as specialized training.   Categories of training vary in number of hours and content as well. Medical billers association also organizes a CAMP program which is about 4 weeks and in this program a medical biller provides guidance, support, help and instruct participants regarding the field.

Average training time:

Most of the medical billing and coding training programs are designed to be completed within 4 months.  Those who prefer online training programs might need to bear the load for about 12 months as distance education allows you to study anywhere, anytime and according to your speed.

Training online and its advantages:

Today many accredited online training institutes are available to students. Distance education allows student to study anywhere, anytime and according to students grasping power and availability of online training is the one big reason why medical billing and coding field is improved so much due to an improved number of trained professionals.

Benefits of online training:

Flexible learning:

 For individuals who struggle to concentrate in the daily classroom environment or get bored easily, online training can prove handy for such individuals. This is mainly because students are left free to step ahead and learn best according to their pace.


When compared to offline programs, online training is much cheaper with better options. Expenditures are lowered with no use of text books, no gasoline required to reach training institute and so on.

So online as well is a good medical billing and coding training option.You also can choose the online study if you have not enough time to go to capums.