epsom-salts was first discovered in Epsom, England hence the name, although the scientific name is actually magnesium sulfate.epsom-salts has been around for years and was used as far back as the 1800's for enemas. Care needs to be taken in the actual doses, taking too much like anything can be harmful to your body.





Epson salts have been used for a variety of reasons, from beauty, gardening, household cleaning and a mixture of medical benefits.





NOTE:Even though Epson salts can be bought over the counter from any supermarket or buy online, you need to be aware that it is a chemical, therefore contact your medical practitioner before using it for any medical conditions.


epsom-salts can be bought in a variety of packaging. You may buy it as colored bath salts, in bulk, or added into to a variety of creams and lotions.




There are many different ways that epsom-salts can benefit our health. Here are a few of those ways to help relieve symptoms and conditions:





Fatigue, muscular and arthritis relief



It has been proved with scientific studies that magnesium and sulfates can reduce fatigue and muscular pain by soaking in a warm bath with an amount of dissolved epsom-salts.Arthritis suffers can also benefit from this process as it helps to reduce the swelling of the joints.Lotions with epsom-salts added can be massaged into the affected areas to aid with pain relief.





Reducing Heart, kidney and headaches



We all need magnesium and sulfate in our diets. Otherwise it can lead to problems with our heart and kidneys not functioning correctly.By increasing the magnesium intake in our blood we can control the electrolytes and reduce stress levels which can help benefit our sleep and reduce the risk of migraines.





Exfoliating the skin



Massage your face with a mixture of 1 teaspoon of epsom-salts with your cleansing cream it may reduce the blemishes on your skin



Athlete's foot





Tinea (pedis) Athletes foot is a fungal infection that affects the skin under toenails, or between your toes, and is believed that you can relieve this by applying epsom-salt paste to the affected area.





Removes toxins from our body





Dissolve 1 cup of epsom-salts in your bath and soak for at least ten minutes, this will relax the muscles in your body and eliminate any toxins and help reduce pain from aching joints.



This is only a guide as to how epsom-salts can help you in different ways.



Never take epsom-salts internally without express directions from your medical practitioner.Incorrect dosages can be very harmful, especially if you are pregnant.



Gardening with epsom-salts and magnesium