Medicated lip balm is a tool which we use to prevent our lips from drying especially during a very hot weather. Medicated lip balm contains ingredients which would protect our lips from the harmful UV rays from the sun. There are also instances that our lips get easily peeled off when we eat very acidic and salty foods. This happens because our lips lack the proper vitamins and minerals to keep it healthy enough not to be affected by the chemical reaction that occurs in the lips when these types of foods come in direct contact with our lips. Medicate lip balm is very important because you cannot be fully assured that your body is safe for all those times when you went outdoors for any reasons.

There is nothing wrong with staying under the heat of the sun for a long time however there are certain precautions that you have to follow in order to keep yourself protected from its harmful rays. Rest assured that there are consequences that you must suffer when you go outdoors for 2 hours or so. One of which is the drying of the lips. To prevent things like this form happening, you have to secure a lip protector with you. A good one is the medicated lip balm

Medicated lip balm contains SPF 15

Medicated lip balm contains a sun protection factor which guarantees you that your lips will be safe from drying. SPF 15 is really important because if the substance that each lip balm need in order to cater its maximum benefits to the user. The lips are very sensitive and it easily responds to the changes of the temperature because of this feature. Notice that when it is very cold the lips become pale and numb. In contrast, the lips will dry and could even crack when the weather is too hot. The point is that the lips normally get affected when there are sudden changes in the temperature. This is just one of the many reasons why a medicated lip balm becomes a necessity. Medicated lip balm could be very helpful. There are times when we get too excited to go out of our comfortable homes and just enjoy the heat of the sun touching our bodies. Be very cautious however that the skin is one of the parts of our body that have very minimal amount of melanin which is our skin’s protecting agent against the harmful UV rays of the sun. Putting this into consideration, the melanin that is contained in the lips is not enough to protect the lips when it is exposed at a very long time under the heat of the sun. Medicated lip balm is very useful when you do field work. There are certain careers that require a person to go out of the field for long hours in a day. People having these careers just need to be very careful with what they put on their body to guarantee them that they are still safe at the end of the time. Get a medicated lip balm with you to make sure that you have a protecting agent everywhere you go.

Medicated lip balm is ideal for chapped lips

Chapped lips are sometimes caused by the genes. Having chapped lips could sometimes be a common trait to the family and you cannot just do away with it. There are however causes of having chapped lips that are not related to hereditary factors. Chapped lips are gotten by a person when he is very exposed to the heat of the sun especially at consecutive days. There are even instances that the chapped lips could result to cold sores which are very painful and irritating at times. Cold sore is also caused by the direct heat of the sun touching the lips in a long period of time. Stress could also be a determinant which results to these lip problems. Medicated lip balms are very helpful in order for you to be 100% protected from these problems.

Medicated lip balm could be found at any drug store

There is no need for you to panic because medicate lip balms could be found at the nearest drug store you know. Medicated lip balm is even readily available in some convenience store. The price of medicate lip balm differs in terms of the brand. Medicated lip balm usually costs at around 2$.