In today's world, drugs are one of the most important parts of the global market and also of the entire population on Earth for they are vital for us, the people, to stay healthy. There are millions of pharmacies around the planet, millions of health laboratories and tens of millions of doctors out there who we can turn to when things just seem to get bleak, medically speaking. Thus there are different types of drugs out there and they can be separated in three large categories which include complementary, prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Complementary medicines are also known as alternative or traditional drugs and they incorporate aromatherapy, vitamins, herbal treatments, minerals and homoeopathic products.

Over the counter drugs or also OTC incorporate sunscreen, cold and cough products and also mouthwash. The best thing about over the counter drugs is that you can simply go down to your local drugstore and get what you are interested in, without having the need of getting a prescription first. Some of the over the counter drugs will be available for purchase strictly from a chemist, but a lot of them can be found in other stores like malls, supermarkets and health food shops.

But when it comes to prescription drugs, things get a little complicated. You will need to have a prescription from your doctor in order to get them. The most common prescriptions people encounter the pharmacies with are antibiotics, contraceptive pills and painkillers.

As any product out there, drugs have names. The generic name is an approved name and it cannot change. Thus drugs that have about the same curing effects will have similar sounding names. Amoxicillin, flucloxacillin and ampicillin: they have the same sound to them and their names are part of the antibiotics group.

The other name of the drugs is their brand name, which can be one or a few. The one deciding upon the name is the company producing them. Thus it is not unusual that some of these companies will be producing the same drugs and tagging them with their own brand name. More to that, drugs from the same company may be referred to by different brand names, depending on the country in which is commercialized.

You will generally find the brand name standing out on the front of each medicines' packaging and on the other hand, generic names will always be placed somewhere on the packet. There are products which may contain a mixture of medicines and in this case, these kinds of products have only one brand name. Any ingredients that have been used into developing that certain drug will be all listed. All in all you should always be careful what drugs you resort to when things just go wrong with your health. Take them in the prescribed doses and do not exaggerate with certain type of drugs.