Golf swing training focuses on getting the grip, swing and tempo right. Getting the right balance is extremely important. If your grip is too tight, the wrist mobility is restricted. If the club is held too tightly a ripple effect is caused which means that there will be a tightening of muscles from the wrist to the shoulders resulting in a stiff shot which will lack fluidity necessary for an accurate shot. If you do not place the club in your fingers and place it in your palm instead you will not be able to get the required wrist action. For this purpose the medicus driver was created. Just like all other golf swing trainers, it's hinges will break when you make a wrong move. Feedback is given to you immediately in the form of a bend of the club at its hinges when you deviate from the correct plane and tempo. This training kit is useful for practise and over a period of time rewards you with a club that does not break because your swing has been perfected.

The Medicus driver (driver club) is a golf swing trainer. This helps one train to get a more consistent and smoother swing when it comes to accuracy and distance. The product is made by Medicus golf. This is preferred by those who wish to improve their swinging. The duel hing in the Medicus driver help identify the faults that exist in one's swing. There are many causes to a swing technique being wrong and the consequence is noticed quite blaringly. Golfers usually complain mostly about the slice. There are many different reasons for this shot to go wrong, one of the main reasons is the club being casted at the top of the swing. Because of the dual hinges in the medicus driver, it will instantly let you know if it is wrong. This is said to help people with their tempo as well. If you swing too slowly or too fast the the club will break. Because tempo is a very important part of golf, the medicus driver will hep you find the right tempo. Another big complain that is noticed is that the correct swing plane is never found for the golf club to swing. The swing helps you hit a consistent golf shot. If you are not on the correct plane of swing, one of the hinges breaks clearly letting you know this fact.

The medicus club trainer is very easy to use. There is an instructional DVD that comes along with the training kit that tell you about the functions of the club and what each feedback reveals about your swing. Mainly there are three kinds of grips, the overlapping grip, the interlocking grip and the baseball grip. While practising at the medicus driver you can try out these three kinds of grips and see which of them causes the hinges to break the least. That could be adopted as your style. This product does not only have a scientific design but is also extremely durable because of the superior material quality making it useful for decades.