Does the Medicus golf swing trainer really help you game?

There are lots of swing trainers out there so how does the >Medicus driver stand up to the competition, how is it different, and how does it work?

Medicus has an outstanding reputation in the golfing community. Everyone from pros to amateurs has used the Medicus swing trainer and most of them would recommend it to a friend. Even if you haven't tried one out yourself, you've probably seen a commercial on the golf channel. It's impossible to miss them, they play constantly.

Medicus Hinge DriverEvery golfer knows that the key to succeeding is in the swing and you get a better swing by practicing - a lot. But the problem with that is, if you are practicing using the wrong techniques then you are going to make permanent your bad habits. One way you can tell if you are making critical mistakes in your swing is to pay a golf coach to watch and critique you. This is great, but it costs lots of money and you can't have a coach there every time you go to the range. The only other way to know if you are making some serious swing errors is to use a swing trainer club. The club has a duel hinge so that if you club positioning is off at any part of the swing the hinge will "break."

The patented duel hinge technology gives you instant feedback when you are making an error. How does this improve you game? It's pretty simple really, the club won't let you make anything less that a perfect swing without telling you. This is almost the same as having a pro coach watching you swing every time and correcting any little mistake, it might actually be more effective. It doesn't matter if it's on the take away, back swing, down swing, or follow through, the Medicus duel hinge club will "break" if your form is not perfect. You can see how this will dramatically improve you game. Say goodbye to those nasty hooks and say hello to the nice mowed fairway.

The is unlike other products in the same market because you are able to use it like a normal club if you able to swing perfectly.

If you are tired of slicing you ball into the ruff, if you are sick of the sand traps, trees, and lakes, you should be looking to invest in the most reputable golf swing trainer - the Medicus club.