Medifast is a weight loss program with its own packaged foods. It involves eating five Medifast meals per day and one meal that you make yourself from fresh ingredients. Like most diet delivery programs, Medifast can seem a little pricey at first glance, leaving prospective dieters wondering, "is Medifast worth the money?" So let's break down the cost and take a look at what you get for your money.

The most convenient and economical way to order Medifast is to take advantage of their four week variety packs. This gives you about a month's supply of food and the cost is $299.50 for the four weeks.

On your initial order, if you take advantage of some standard Medifast discounts, you can get one extra week of food for free for each of your first two months. So you'd pay a total of $599.00 for 10 weeks worth of Medifast food. This comes to $59.90 per week.

For a lot of people, that initial $300 order can seem a little daunting, but I think once you see the weekly breakdown it becomes a lot more reasonable. I don't know about you, but when I worked a 9 to 5 job, I easily spent more than $60 a week just on lunches, snacks and coffee each day. So while I woudn't go so far as to say that using the Medifast diet would save you money on grocery shopping and eating out, I certainly don't think that, in the long run, you would actually be spending more money than you do now.

So what do you get for your money?

In each 4-week variety pack, you get 140 meals plus a few bonus meals that Medifast likes to send out so you can try a new product. The bulk of your order will be shakes and bars, but each variety pack also includes oatmeal, scrambled eggs, soups, puddings and cappuccinos.

On the Medifast diet, their 5 and 1 plan, you eat five Medifast meals per day, so the four week package includes enough product for 28 days, assuming you stick to their guidelines. The variety pack cannot be customized, but you aren't limited to just ordering variety packs. Just order whatever items you want instead. I personally stick to my favorite Medifast foods, which are the Medifast shakes, bars, scrambled eggs and hot cocoa. I'm not a fan of the soups or puddings. I'll also add an occasional outmeal, but I prefer their scrambled eggs for breakfast as they are quite tasty.

For four weeks worth of food, you would need to order 20 boxes of Medifast products. Each box contains seven meals. For your initial orders, you still get the extra week's worth of food for free, even if you customize your order. Just make sure you order enough product to qualify.

Now economics aside, the question still is whether or not Medifast is worth the money. If you stick to their plan, I do think it is well worth the money. Their weight loss program works pretty quickly and it isn't uncommon to lose 20 lbs in the first month. With that kind of weight loss, I have no problem spending what I need to in order to achieve those results.